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Texas Golf Course Locator and Golf Course Maps

In Texas Outside's Golfing Section, you'll find several ways to quickly locate a Texas golf course to play using regional or city golf locator maps. The icons will quickly distinguish the Texas golf courses that we have played and reviewed. Each golf icon has a caption box that can contain a link to the golf course website, Texas Outside's review, coupons, and specials, and more plus a brief course description.

  • Texas Outside Regional Golf Map – click on a colored region of the Texas golf map to find the golf courses in that region of Texas
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Texas Outside Golf Course Reviews, Ratings, and Favorites

We have played and rated well over 200 Texas golf courses and our Texas Golf Course Reviews will give you our opinion of what we thought of the course plus pictures, course descriptions, scorecard information, links to stay and plays, specials/coupons, and discounted tee times. At the bottom of this page, you can read our criteria for rating a course.

Black Jack's Crossing in Lajitas


Texas Golf Resorts and Golf Communities

Here is our list of some of the best golf communities and best golf resorts in Texas. The Golf Resort Reviews are filled with information about the resort and what we thought of it when we stayed there.

Golf Resort Reviews

Texas Best Golf Resorts, Resort Reviews, and More and Other Texas Golf Resorts

Texas Best Golf Communities and Other Texas Golf Communities

Featured Golf Communities and Reviews

Golf Resorts Online


Texas Stay & Play Packages and Reviews

Nothing beats a weekend golfing with your best buddies, spouse, family, or friends and better yet, being able to get up in the morning and step out your door and tee off for a fun round. Check out these Texas Stay & Plays and our Stay & Play Reviews will give you our opinion of what we thought when we stayed and played.

Texas Stay and Play Packages - find a wide variety of deals on Stay and Play packages at some of the best courses all over Texas

Texas Stay and Play Reviews - read a review of some of the places where Texas Outside has stayed and played


Out of State Golf Courses & Resorts

Every so often, we escape Texas and play and review some fantastic golf courses and resorts. Check out our:

Also check out our Golf Vacations Page to help you plan a fun vacation jammed packed with lots of activities plus some excellent golf.

Ocean North Course at Pelican Hill Resort

Fore Linksters has a directory of the best public golf courses in America for you traveling golfers and they have some very good and unbiased reviews and ratings of courses throughout the United States.

Planning a golf outing or looking for a course to play outside of Texas? Use the Never-Search For Golf software to quickly find a profile on any of the 18,457 courses in the United States.

Free Golf Resort Brochures - if you are considering a golf resort outside of Texas, here is where you can get some.


Specials, Coupons, & Tee Time Reservations

Texas Outside is a whole page of Texas Golf Coupons and Specials that will save you some money. In addition, there are links to the golf course's internet specials, discounted tee times, and coupons and specials from third parties


Fun Golf Articles, Golf Vacations, And More

  • Golf Vacations - read about some fun filled golf vacation both in and outside of Texas (Colorado, Florida, California, Arizona, Idaho, etc.) - where to stay and play and lots of other fun things to do during the golf vacation
  • Funny & Informative Golf Articles - articles by "The Restless Golfer" whose goal is to play every course in Texas and he has over 500 of them under his belt so far
  • Golf Tips, Instruction, and Resources


Here's how Texas Outside rates the golf courses

The rating scale ranges from 1 to 10 – a perfect 10 course would be something like this: links along a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean and bordered by tall trees; lush fairways on rolling hills with lots of natural hazards, and water which is crystal clear; greens you would kill for (but they are undulating and tough); the more challenging, the higher the rating; each hole is completely different and includes blind shots, lots of elevation changes, plenty of dog legs, and significant challenges; perfectly manicured traps with the whitest and prettiest sand you’ve ever seen; a nice club house with great food and cold drinks; a GPS; plenty of beverage carts or your own cooler and ice; and it only costs 40 bucks!

What this means is that you probably won’t find many 10s in Texas – try Cabo San Lucas, Pebble Beach, or some of the Hawaii courses! However, we are still searching and have found a few that are close to perfect 10's.

Texas Outside rates courses on the following:

Beauty – tall trees, rolling hills, beautiful houses, waterfalls, and similar stuff would

score high; a 1 would be flat, bushes instead of trees, and some grass but mostly weeds. The pictures on this page are from courses that score high on the beauty scale.

Difficulty – a straight, 300 yard par 4 with no traps or hazards, no out of bounds or water would probably get a 1; if it is a 460 yard par 4 over two ravines, with water along one side, natural hazards on the other, strategically placed traps or that dreaded tree right in the middle of the fairway, we are talking a 10.

Variety – what would you give a course where all the holes looked and played exactly the same (“I thought we just played that hole!”); were side-by-side, which is good for finding other people’s balls, but not much fun; and you could see the flag from every tee box? That’s right, it gets a 1.

Fun Scale – a 10 is where you walk off the course and say “now that was fun” and you can’t wait to get back, or you immediately turn around and play another 18 holes.

Value – a 5 is $50 to $60, a 10 is $20 to $30, and 1 is $200 or so – of course all of this is dependent upon how you liked the course. For example, if a run down, boring flat course, with six players on each hole was only $10; it would still get a value rating of 1. A courses that scores 9s and 10s on all the other categories, but costs $100 would most likely get a 7 to 9 on the value scale.

      Woodbridge Golf Club

Overall Course Condition – this one’s pretty easy – what condition are the fairways and roughs. A 10 commands very lush perfectly manicured fairways, compared to a 1, which has fire ants, weeds, and more dirt than grass!

Greens Condition and Difficulty – very hard to read greens with lots of undulation and tough pin placement, rate very high on the difficulty scale. Condition is self-explanatory.

All of the above determines the overall course score for a particular golf course.

Front Nine and Back Nine Rating – at some courses each nine differs in a number of ways and we’ve found courses where the front nine is ugly and boring, but the back nine was great – as such, we have provided an individual rating for each nine holes and also an overall rating for the course

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Traditions Golf Club

Texas Outside’s golf section is designed to help you quickly find:

  • a Texas golf course to play - by region, city, or name
  • read a review of the course
  • check out the best of the best courses in Texas or featured course of the month
  • find a special or discounted tee time
  • book a tee time

Within the golf section you'll also find: Stay and Play packages, Stay and Play reviews, golf resorts, golf communities, tips and techniques, and lots more.

We could also use your help, email us your course reviews, ratings, and pictures to share with Texas Outside golfers.