12 Little Known Golf Ball Facts

Bet you didn't know these facts about golf balls:

  1. Alan Sheppard moon shot300,000,000 golf balls are lost by Americans each year - I think I've lost a large majority of those
  2. On February 6, 1971, Apollo 14 member Alan Shepard hit a ball with a six-iron, swinging one-handed as a result of his pressure suit and he holds the record for the longest golf shot - nearly two and a half miles, or 3948 meters and a record hang time of 69.8 seconds wonder
  3. There are no golf courses on Loch Nest but a sonar search for the Loch Nest monster found 100,000 golf balls in the lake - is the Loch Ness monster a golfer?
  4. This one is really irrelevant but here goes - 500,000 is the estimated number of golf balls that would fit inside a school bus but they still wouldn't be able to read the breaks in the greens
  5. Saguaro with golf ball damageI wonder how many saguaro cactus are killed each year from golf balls - I know I've left a few of my golf balls in several saguaros
  6. Why in the world were the American golf balls bigger than the regulation British golf ball use up until 1990 - 1.68 inches versus 1.62 - wonder which one would fly farther
  7. 336 dimples are common on most golf balls but 300 to 500 dimples is reasonable (if you're bored, try and count how many dimples your favorite golf ball has) and the record holder was a ball with 1,070 dimples which had 414 larger ones (in four different sizes) and 656 pinhead-sized dimples
  8. Every year, roughly 125,000 golf balls are hit into the water surrounding TPC Sawgrass’ world-renowned island green 17th hole - Sergio Garcia carded a quadruple bogey seven at the 17th losing two balls and the tournament
  9. A lot of presidents were golfers (Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and lots more) but Woodrow Wilson was so dedicated to the game that he even played in the snow using black golf balls
  10. In the 14th century the first golf balls were made out of beech wood and weren't perfectly round (probably rolled like most of my putts) but in the 17th century the featherie golf ball was developed - a leather ball stuffed with bird feathers and stitched shut
  11. Snake in a golf cupAnimals have caused a lot of havoc with golfers some which include: bears chasing golfers, alligators sunning on the greens or preventing you from retrieving you ball in the lake, kangaroos or deer that can stop and ruin a perfect shot, a wide variety of animals steeling the golf balls (birds, dogs, squirrels, foxes, and more), or creatures in the cup
  12. How fast does your ball go off the tee? It usually goes roughly a 160 miles per hour, with a backspin of nearly 3,000 revolutions-per-minute which is three times the speed of a car's wheel and a wedge shot can spin at 10,000 revolutions per minute
  13. During the filming of a golf special a hawk kept screaming and forcing the crew to have several takes but tour pro Tripp Isenhour solved the problem by intentionally hitting golf balls at the kawk and he killed it and was charged with animal cruelty - do you think he immediately yelled "I got a birdie?"

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