A Weekend Dancing, Dining, Drinking, and Duffing At The Hyatt Hill Country

How can you beat a weekend at one of the best resorts in Texas, some fun in the Alamo city, golf, good food, and a few too many beers?

Hyatt Hill Country Resort & Spa

On Friday we rolled into the just in time to stuff my tummy with some carbs (needed the energy to play 18 holes) and a couple beers (for added courage on the tee box) at Cactus Oak Tavern, which is right next door to the Pro Shop. I had the Prime Rib Wrap with sweet potato fries and it was very tasty and huge - as hard as I tired I could only eat half of it. Got a to-go box with the other half and a couple more beers and headed straight to the Creeks Course to tee off - only to watch the first swing completely miss the ball and the second swing whack it 30 yards to the right! It's going to be a long round. My brother and our wives got a lot of good laughs.

The Hyatt Regency Hill County Resort is home to the Hill Country Golf Club which has three nines - each of which was designed by Arthur Hills and each has it's own personality and unique characteristics. The Hill Country Creeks Course is the easiest thanks to wide and forgiving fairways (they didn't seem that wide to me as my ball ricocheted off several trees scaring the deer and squirrels) and easier approach shots to the green which also didn't seem to make much difference - so I ordered a couple more beers from the cart lady. The Creeks Nine is named for a dry creek that crosses the fairway several times and I think I found it every time it crossed in front of my shot. A fun nine but you would never be able to tell by my score.

Hyatt Hill Country Golf

From the Creeks Course I headed straight to the Cactus Oak Tavern to load up on some more courage - this time I tried something a little stronger, a shot of Tequila! On the first tee box of the Hill Country Lakes Course I took a huge swing and to my surprise the ball sprung off the tee in a perfect arch and went sailing 240 yards down the middle of the fairway. Hmm, should I head back to the Cactus Oak Tavern and buy a whole bottle of Tequila! This quickly became my favorite nine and I played at a level way above my head - I tested my courage on several of the fun risk reward shots and nailed um, I made it across all four lakes without losing a single ball, and instead of three putting like on the Creeks, I stuffed the ball in that small cup in one or two putts. Walked into the Cactus Oak Tavern, bellied up to the bar and said proudly "my brother is buying my drinks for the evening."

Lakes Course

Charlie's Long BarAfter checking into our suite - very nice with a large bedroom and king bed, parlor (a living area with a large flat screen, mini fridge, couch, and game table), and a balcony - we met back up at Charlie's Long Bar for a game of pool and drinks before dinner. Charlie's Long Bar is a replication of an authentic western saloon with a 56 foot long carved wood and copper topped bar, TV's, jukebox, shuffleboard, pool, darts, and video games - my kind of place.

Elk at Antler's at the Hyatt Hill CountryDinner was at Antler's which is the gourmet restaurant at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and it is a good one - excellent food coupled with top notch service. I enjoyed a Tasty Chili Verde Empanada, excellent Caesar Salad plus sips of a Poblano Tomatilo Soup, and very tender and perfectly cooked Elk with a red pepper jelly and spicy tomato jam on the side. Don't know how I did it but I somehow found room to devour more than my fair share of a scrumptious Oreo cookie dessert but not just any Oreo cookie - this one had vanilla vodka, godiva liqueur, creme de coacao, rimmed with oreo filling and finished with oreo crumbles and three scoops of vanilla ice cream. After all of that I should have waddled off to bed and some sweet dreams but no, we had to go back to Charlie's for shuffleboard and few more beers!

Finally got to bed around 12 and before I knew it were eating again - and this time it was some delicious Eggs Benedict. I wasn't sure who was going to show up as I grabbed a ball and tee, stuck it in the ground, and looked down to see what looked like two fuzzy golf balls in motion. So I quickly swung and missed. The rest of the round on the Hill Country Oaks Course slowly got better as the sun and cool air cleared away some of the fuzzies. The Oaks Course is the hardest of the three nines thanks to several tight fairways, forced carries, and dog legs plus you need to place your shots and work the ball to score well. Had an average round but was down three golf balls and two margaritas at the end of this nine. I did get to take home a lot of sand in the shoes and hair from the 16 bunkers.

Golf at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort

For our second nine we played the Lake Course again because I wanted to see how I could play without several beers and some Tequila in me. I think I play better with a few drinks but I would rather play sober than have to attend AA meetings!

After 18 holes of golf on a nice warm day, it was a no brainer to head straight to the Hyatt Hill Country Resort pool, hot tub, and lazy river. The lazy river is outstanding as it twists and turns under the trees and colorful landscaping. As good as tubing the Guadalupe but without the thousands of drunken college kids. And better yet, I was tubing with a delicious Pina Colada!

Lazy River at the Hyatt Hill Country

151 Saloon line dancingAfter a few hours of pool time the stomach started growling so we headed to a nearby Mexican restaurant with a fantastic outside patio, good guitar player, and pretty good margarita but the food was mediocre.

To finish the evening we stopped by 151 Saloon, just outside the entrance to the Hyatt, for some pool, cold beer, a great country band, and some line dancing and two stepping. Fun evening.

Windflower SpaWoke up the next morning stiff and sore, and it wasn't because of that soft comfy Hyatt Hill Country Resort king bed. It must have been from the 36 holes of golf, shuffleboard, pool, line dancing, and lazy river tubing - it's hard getting this big butt in that little tube and it squished me in like the letter "V"!

So I immediately booked a 50 minute Signature Massage at the - "a relaxing massage of the back, neck, shoulders, hands, feet and scalp with Windflower's own signature scent of lavender and citrus oils "That was followed by a soak in the hot tub, a dip in the pool and a half hour nap in the hammock by the pool! Refreshed and ready to go, but unfortunately it was time to head home.

What a fun weekend.

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