Lewisville Lake Weekend

"Hey Dad, lets go camping and boating this weekend at Lewisville Lake " was met with no hesitation "sounds great, we'll meet you at Hickory Creek Campground." I was so excited I immediately went to the storage area and starting getting the motorhome and boat ready for the weekend.

Lewisville Lake is about 20 miles north east of downtown Dallas and with 28,890 acres of water and 223 miles of shoreline, it is one of the largest lakes in Texas and one of our favorite Texas lakes because it's got lots of things to do. To learn more about the lake, read our review of Lewisville Lake and check out our interactive Lake Map that will highlight a lot of things that we'll mention in this article.

A huge home on Lake LewisvilleShortly after we unloaded the boat, parked the motorhome, and packed the cooler, our daughter, her husband, and two kids arrived. And since it was a hot 100 degree July day, it didn't take long before we were loaded in the boat and off to a cove to swim. Since most Texas lakes are shallow, it doesn't take many hot summer days to make the lake feel like a warm bathtub! But a couple small rain showers over the last few days and some cooler temperatures made Lewisville Lake very refreshing.

After swimming, enjoying some appetizers, playing a couple rounds of dominos, and cruising by some huge beautiful homes, we headed back to the campground to BBQ some ribs and see if the guys could continue their winning domino streak. Didn't happen - the girls made a fantastic comeback and I went to bed depressed and sunburned.

Campsites on Lake LewisvilleWe were camping in Hickory Creek Campground and we lucked out and got a great site about 40 yards from the water. Sites on the water, clean restrooms, biking, and hiking trails are some of the reasons we like Hickory Creek - read our review of Hickory Creek Campground to learn more about this campground.

After a hearty breakfast we were off to find some calm water to let the grandkids kneeboard, which they both love and it's hard to get them to quit - they never get tired, seldom fall, and love it! And my neck is always sore from having to drive and turn around and watch them having fun. The good news is that they, like the parents and grandparents, were getting hungry so we boated over to Pier 121 for lunch on the floating dock at Dingy Bar & Grill. It doesn't get much better than a spicy Bloody Mary and lunch overlooking the marina and some huge expensive yachts.

Grandkids kneeboardingDingy Bar & GrillKneeboarding on Lake Lewisville

The kids had their fun in the morning, so it was the grownups turn to enjoy the scenery, which meant we headed to one of the best party coves in Texas. When we arrived there were three lines of boats rafted up together, several groups of 2 to 4 boats tied together and lots more just anchored and enjoying the party. The people watching was amazing, the music was blaring, the younger guys and girls were dancing, footballs were flying back and forth, and the water was littered with all sorts of floaties with people enjoying the water.

Party cove at Lake LewisvilleBig boat on Lake LewisvilleBig boats rafted together in the party cove at Lake Lewisville

Flying high on Lake LewisvilleIn addition to a lot of hard bodies (and some guys and girls that need to go on an exercise regime) the party cove had some huge beautiful boats, an amphibious car painted like a shark (he would drive around and pick up girls for a ride around the boats), and a guy on a flyboard which is a contraption that propels it's rider high out of the lake on a powerful stream of water. What a scene! Girls beat us again at dominos - could it have been because we were having a very hard time keeping our eyes on the dominos!

And my ears are still ringing from the load music - seems like every fifth boat had huge speakers that were blasting everything from county to pop to rap. And some of the swim platforms on the back of the boats were loaded with dancers.

How did he get the womenParty cove at Lake LewisvilleBoats on Lake Lewisville

We had planned to boat over to the frisbee golf course and see if we could take the ladies down in a round of disc golf, but before we knew it, all of the stomachs were growing and ready for dinner. The wind had picked up as we headed over to Sneaky Petes making for a fun boat ride. Sneaky Petes is a great place to hang out for awhile - they have a swimming pool and hot tub, sand volleyball courts, multi-level deck, a gazebo type bar overlooking the lake, live music on the weekends, and both indoor and outdoor dining. We enjoyed some water volleyball, a dip in the hot tub, some cold beer, and ok food.

Sand volleyball courts at Sneaky PetesThe gazebo bar on Lake LewisvillePool and water volleyball at Sneaky Petes

Sunset on Lake LewisvilleThe boat ride back to the campground was just as the sun was setting over the lake making for a very pleasant and scenic trip back. More dominos at the campsite and the girls continued their winning streak.

Early the next morning we were back on the water to find some calm water for the knee boarders, swim, cruise by some huge beautiful homes, and cook some hot dogs in a cove. We were swimming when out of nowhere three good looking and very friendly ladies came cruising up on their paddle boards! I thought that I was dreaming! They hung around for a couple minutes chatting (I think they were just using us as an excuse to take a break from paddling) and out of nowhere they told us that they had a contest going to do 100 pushups a day - and all three started doing pushups on their paddle boards! And then they got up and paddled off into the sunset!

Paddleboarding on Lake LewisvillPushups on a paddleboardPaddleboarding into the sunset

After that it was time to pull up the anchor, break camp, and head home to start another week of work tired, sun burned, and anxious for the next weekend adventure!


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