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A Weekend in Bastrop

After what seemed like a month of cold, dreary, drizzling days, when we heard it was going to be 70 on Friday and Saturday, the immediate response was "let's hit the road!" And Bastrop got the heads up - close, good golf, quaint downtown, good restaurants, and some live music. Didn't take us long to pack the motorhome, bikes, and clubs.

Southside Market & BBQFirst stop was Elgin, the sausage capital of Texas, and the infamous Southside Market & BBQ where they have been making Elgin Hot Sausage for over 125 years. Well worth the stop - spicy and good sausage.

From Elgin it was only 15 miles to North Shore Park, a small 17 site Lower Colorado River Authority campground on the shoreline of the 936 acre Lake Bastrop. It was great to be back at a true campground with wide, spacious, and well treed sites with a large picnic table, fire pit, and BBQ grill - a welcome change from the closely packed concrete RV parks we had been in recently. In addition to great sites, what makes North Shore Park worth a visit are it's amenities which include a boat ramp to Lake Bastrop, swimmingNorth Shore Park Lake Bastrop Campsiteg beach, good bass fishing, volleyball and tetherball, and bike trails. And it's only 6 miles to downtown Bastrop.

Shortly after we arrived I head the bikes mumbling "get me off this bike rack, we've been stuck here for two months!" So we pried them off the bike rack, pumped up the tires, oiled the rusty chains, lube the gears, wiped the dust off the seat and hit the 4.5 mile dirt trail to South Shore Park. I swear I heard a couple "whoopees" from the bikes during our ride. Read our review of North Shore Park to learn more about this great little park.

On the way in to North Shore Park, we drove past what looked like a very interesting and funky place to enjoy a cold beer and maybe some music. So after a good steak cooked on the grill, we put on the Levis and dancing boots and headed to Cherokee Bar two minutes from our campsite - only to find it was closed. Disappointed we went back to the campground, turned on a country station, popped a cold beer, threw a couple logs on the fire, and sat under the stars!

Thanks to hip surgery in December and not hitting the ball since November, on Friday I was both excited and a tad nervous about a 1:00 tee time at nearby Pine Forest Golf Club. After loading up Pine Forest Golf Club par 3 on golf balls and Advil, my first tee shot dribbled into the forest for a one stoke penalty, a lost new golf ball, and some snickers from my golf mate -"it's my bad knee and new hip!" The rest of the round wasn't much better - lots of balls ricocheting off the trees and scaring the squirrels, a club that slipped out of my hands and went farther down the fairway then the golf ball, lots of deep divots, some sand in the hair and shoes, and two more Advil. But it was good to be back on the course, the sun was out, the temperature was 78, the shorts still fit (but just barely), the new hip worked, and the course was fun and scenic. Read our review of Pine Forest Golf Club.

After 18 holes of horrible golf, it didn't take long to decide that a margarita, some hot wings, and some music were in order. And the Historic District of Bastrop had all of those. First stop was Cindy's Sports bar for an excellent margarita and some tasty chicken wings. That was followed by a short stroll down main street until we heard some music at Maxine's, where we listed to a set from a local singer songwriter. As we were headed to the car, the music and sign for margaritas stopped us dead in our tracks and something jerked us into the bar at Viejo's and a set from three guys who played a variety of good songs.

Maxine's in BastropBand at Viejo'sViejo's in Bastrop

Great burgers at Roadhouse in BastropSaturday morning, the phone rang to "Hey Bro, we are going to join you for lunch and a round of golf at Lost Pines." We met them at Roadhouse which is well known for excellent huge tasty juicy burgers - and they lived up to their reputation. When my Bro said he was excited about playing the Hyatt Lost Pines Golf Course, which is a top rated excellent 18 holes of golf just down the road, his jaw dropped and you could tell he was very disappointed when I told him that we were playing Lost Pines at Bastrop Lost Pines Golf Course in BastropState Park which is a lot different that Wolfdancer at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa.

One is in excellent condition, very scenic, some long and challenging holes, and a very unique layout while the one at the State Park is flat, horrible conditions, a tad boring, and bumpy greens - but it's only $25 versus $125! Of course any day on any golf course is a day to remember - what I'll remember is loosing 5 new golf balls, missing every green, being buried in the sand, and having to buy two rounds of drinks after our game. Here is a link to our review of Lost Pines as well as a link our review of Wolfdancer which is listed on our Best of the Best Courses in Texas.

Wolfdancer Golf Course in Bastrop

Singer at Viejo'sAfter golf we made a beeline back to Cindy's to pay off by losses from golf bets with more delicious wings and a couple tasty Bloody Marys! We talked the Bro into staying for dinner instead of driving back to Austin and walked three doors down to Baxter's on Main. Food was ok (loved their half portions of entrees - which only meant I could have an appetizer, soup, and salad plus the small entree), prices were good, service was prompt, and the beer was cold. Now Bro's ready to head home but when we walked out the door and saw people standing outside of Viejo's listening to the music, we talked him into one more quick stop. The margarita's were the best I think I've ever had and the singers were excellent - a young lady sang for 45 minutes or so and then another guy played guitar and sang until we decided it was time to head home.

Sunday it was cold and drizzly again but we had the Super Bowl to look forward to. A fun weekend in Bastrop. See our Bastrop Page and our Top Ten Things To Do In Bastrop for lots more things to see and do in Bastrop. Have fun.