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For over nine months we had been saying we need to get the cars detailed. They were a mess with coffee stains on the carpet, windows so dirty we could barely see out them, dead leaves in all the cracks and crannies, enough crumbs to feed a family of 4 for a week, more bird dropping then you would find near a birds nest, and the Jeep's exterior looked like it had been in a mud race. We had just moved to Georgetown and I'm sure our new neighbors were ready for us to get out of the neighborhood!

Ultimate ATX Detailing truckAfter a little research we settled on having Ultimate ATX in Austin detail the Jeep and Navigator and try to get us back in the good graces of our neighbors. And they would come to us, saving us a lot of time, and the neighbors would be able to see how hard we were trying. Wow, they did a fantastic job and I can highly recommend them. A couple neighbors stopped by to say hi, but all they really wanted to know was who detailed our cars.

Ultimate ATX cleaning the NavigatorOver the years we have had a number of companies detail the cars, RV, and boat and every time we have been a little to very dissatisfied with the results - spots were still dirty, some stains were not removed, the windows had smudge marks, and there was still dirt or grim in the nooks and grannies. And the workers didn't really seem to care!

That wasn't the case with Ultimate - they showed up within 10 minutes of the scheduled time (it's impossible to be on time with the Austin traffic), two guys jumped out of their truck, introduced themselves, and immediately got to work. And continued working at a brisk pace for over 5 hours - they were polite and didn't mention how dirty and unkempt the cars were.

They did a fantastic job on the exterior and an outstanding job on the interior, including the engine compartment. Some of what impressed me included:

  • Ultimate ATX spent over 2 hours on the Jeephow hard these two guys worked for 5 hours and how clean the cars were as a result
  • they got all of the stains out of the carpet and cleaned it so well it looked new
  • the windows and even the sun roof were spotless, in fact when I first got in I tried to roll up the window only to find it was already up
  • I looked hard and found that all of the nooks and crannies were spotless - they even cleaned the spare tire well and underneath the third seat in the Navigator
  • I don't know what they used (besides a small scrub brush and lots of elbow grease) on the leather interior but it all looked new
  • the dash, wood, and wheels glistened in the sun - I had to put on sunglasses

Jeep interior was spotlessThe Jeep looked new after Ultimate ATX detailingThe Navigator interior was spotless

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Austin's Ultimate ATX detailing and I can't wait to see what they can do on the boat and RV! Give them a call - 512-563-3683 or you can drop a vehicle off at their Austin location at 3411 FM 620. Tell them Texas Outside sent you and you'll receive a 10% discount.

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