Best Texas Bike Trails

Texas is loaded with lots of excellent biking trails and here is our list of the very best bike trails in Texas. This list of the best biking trails in Texas comes from our personal biking experience and other resources like Texas State Parks and's list of the best biking trails in Texas. You'll find bike trails from Austin to Big Bend, in cities like Dallas or trails in the Davis Mountains. Some of these biking trails are for mountain bikes only, others are for both mountain or city bikes; some are expert mountain bike trails and others are flat, level, and paved making them suitable for a family cruise. Let us know about your favorites. Make sure you check out Texas Outside's Biking Home Page with lots of other good Texas biking information

Best Texas Bike Trails

Austin, Hill Country, and Central Texas Bike Trails

Walnut Creek Trail


Great year around trail with a lot of fun twists and turns on a single track, double track and a jeep road. Very popular so can get busy on a weekend. This is a scenic ride with turns through narrow gaps in the trees and several creek crossings on the well marked bike trails.

Type: Trail

Length: 15 miles

Trail Rating: All Abilities

Highlights: So many trails you can create your own experience

Lady Bird Lake Trail


A very popular multi use trail that loops around both sides of Town Lake. The finely packed dirt trail is wide, treed, and very popular. Good for the entire family and we we ride it we love to bike to some of the downtown bars/restaurants, Zilker Park, or attend an event on the shoreline of Lady Bird Lake.

Type: Dirt Trail

Length: 10 mile

Trail Rating: Easy

Highlights: Very scenic

Willow City Loop


Mentioned by National Geographic Traveler as one of the best in the US - 55 mile rural loop through the rolling Texas Hill Country landscape and past limestone cliffs and in the spring meadows alive with wildflowers

Type: Paved

Length: 55 loop

Trail Rating: Demanding

Highlights: The wildflowers in the spring

Lost Pines Cruise


Scenic ride through the Lost Pines from Bastrop to Buescher State Parks which is very hilly. Primarly flat to open through the farm and ranch lands of the area.

Type: Paved

Length: 37 loop

Trail Rating: Intermediate

Highlights: The trail through the state parks

Lost Pines Cruise Colorado Bend Bike TrailLady Bird Lake Trail
Dallas, Fort Worth, and North & North East Texas Bike Trails
This trail has some of the best cross country trails around and is suitable for beginner riders but also boast some significant “challenge areas” for the more skilled.  For those who are ready; try EKG, Roller Coaster Ridge, and Fun Town.  All challenge areas have convenient bypasses for those who need just a little more trail time. Those aquainted with the trail say the flow is amazing, with some riders equating it to a "waltz on wheels".   Fun, Fast and Full of Surprises, this trail is guaranteed to send you home with a grin from ear to ear.


Length: 10.2 miles

Trail Rating: Easy to difficult

Highlights: EKG, Roller Coaster Ridge, and Fun Town

North East Texas Trail

Farmersville to New Boston

This is a new rail-trail in North East Texas that is multi use and over 130 miles along former rail lines through beautiful Texas backwoods and unspoiled blackland prairie. It goes from Farmersville in eastern Collin Country to just west of Texarkana as it traverses through seven counties and 19 rural towns with some paved sections, some gravel and some that are from the original rough railroad bed. Plans are to make it the longest in Texas and one of the longest in the United States.

Type: Paved, gravel, and rough railroad

Length: Over 130 miles

Trail Rating: Easy to moderate

Highlights: two 1880s era stone railroad bridges

Trail de Paris


Trail de Paris is a part of the North East Texas Trail that goes through Paris. It is a multi use paved two lane wide trial that has maps, markers, picnic areas, sports complex, shade trees, rest areas, plants and wildlife, lots of access points, and a fabricated, wood planked, iron truss bridge. An easy family ride.

Type: Paved, two lane

Length: 5.9 miles

Trail Rating: Easy

Highlights: Butterfly/ Hummingbird Garden

On a converted 1899 railroad bed this trail winds gently through remote farm and ranch lands and rolling hill abundant with a variety of birds and lots of other wildlife. The trail which is open for hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians is wide and easy to ride and crosses several creeks. The trail starts in Mineral Wells State Park and ends in a the downtown district of Mineral Wells.

Type: Some paved but mostly finely crushed and screened limestone

Length: 20 miles

Trail Rating: Easy - flat to gently rolling and 10' wide

Highlights:Trailway's 500-foot signature bridge, adorned with 104 Lone Stars

Trail begins at Ray Roberts Dam and ends at the headwaters of Lake Lewisville. The Greenbelt passes through the wooded banks of the Elm Fork and Trinity River and can be accessed through 2 trailheads.

Type: Crushed limestone

Length: 10 miles

Trail Rating: Easy

Highlights: 1500 acre wilderness is a great escape from the hustle & bustle

White Rock Lake Trail


You will be jogging around the lake seeing sailboats on a breezy day, Dallas Arboretum, Winfrey Point, Sunset Bay, and The Bath House Cultural Center. This is a very popular outdoor area in Dallas.

Type: Asphalt Trail

Length: 9 miles

Trail Rating: Easy

Highlights: Great for family picnic after bike ride

Katy Trail


This is a landscaped pedestrian, inline skating, bicycle trail system winding through the most densely populated areas of Dallas, Uptown and Oaklawn. This has become one of the most popular outdoor areas in the city.

Type: Concrete path paralleling a recycled rubber track for joggers

Length: 3.5 miles

Trail Rating: Easy

Highlights: Shady in the Texas summers with water holes along the way

Railroad Bridge on Lake Mineral Wells State Park TrailwayTrail de Paris North East Texas Bike Trail
West Texas Bike Trails

Davis Mountains State Park Trail

Ft. Davis

This is the only bike trail in the Davis Mountains State Park. It is short but there's lots of climb with a lollipop loop.

Type: Single Track

Length: 3.4 Miles

Trail Rating: Intermediate

Highlights: Great views of Davis Mtns

Big Bend Ranch State Park


It has been described by many as “a pure paradise for mountain-bikers who like remote areas and physical challenges” and one of the top mountain biking destinations in the country. You will find something for everyone in this amazing area.

Type: Trail - single-track, double-track, and old 4x4 ranch roads

Length: 200 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner to Advanced

Highlights: EPIC ride, Rincon Loop, and Contrabando Loop

West Texas Bike TrailGuadalupe MtnsDavis Mountains Trail


Texas Panhandle and Plains Bike Trails

Caprock Canyons State Park Trailway


The trail takes the bikers across the regions halcyon backyard into the agrarion plains and broken rangelands of caprock country.

Type: Railway bed

Length: 64 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner

Highlights: One trail passes through the 582 ft railroad tunnel said to be one of the last in the Lone Star state


This is a beautiful trail abundant in wildlife and wild flowers traveling through the park with many shaded areas with pecan and oaks trees. The trail follows scenic Lost Creek and travels east of the lakes.

Type: Trail

Length: 10 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner to Intermediate

Highlights: Views of the lakes

Copper Breaks State Park



The biker will cut through breaks and climb steep canyon walls as they explore the edges of this 2,000 acre park. The terrain varies from rough ground, creek crossings and tough climbs

Type: 4-8' trail

Length: 9.5 miles

Trail Rating: Intermediate to Advanced

Highlights: The rugged badlands

Palo Duro Canyon


Five trail heads lead you through the canyon ranging through mild to wild in technical ability dirt, rocks, river rock, sand, wash outs, switchbacks, drop offs, and climbs with alternative accesses throughout the canyon.

Type: Single Track

Length: 26 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner to Intermediate

Highlights: Great riding scenery

Lost Creek TrailLighthouse Trail in Palo Duro CanyonPalo Duro Trail
Texas Gulf Coast Bike Trails
Flat and easy which is great for a family ride with nice scenery and possible alligator sightings. The trail winds around Elm and Hale Lakes

Type: Gravel Path and road

Length: 35 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner

Highlights: Wildlife sightings including alligators, snakes, rabbits and birds

Galveston Island Seawall


Gives the biker the best view of the Gulf that can be possible have. Enjoy the tourists, the dogs catching frisbees on the beach, the beach combers and check out the many restaurants that you can stop in when your ride is over.

Type: Pavement

Length: 17 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner

Highlights: Beach scenery

Gulf Coast TrailBrazos Bend TrailGalveston Seawall


Texas Piney Woods Bike Trails
This trail winds through Martin Creek Park and is relatively flat and mostly tree covered and ample access to the lake. The ride is fast and curvey and constantly dips into creekbeds.

Type: Single Track Trail

Length: 7.5 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner to Intermediate

Highlights: Good for summertime ride with access to the water

Tyler State Park


This trail in the piney woods includes hills, loops, and wildlife sightings. There are many trails to choose from and most are very fast and loop around to the beginning.

Type: Single Track Trail

Length: 8 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner to Advanced

Highlights: Great woodsy scenery

Tyler TrailMartin Creek TrailPiney Woods Trail
South Texas Plains Bike Trails

Resaca de la Palma


Take an easy ride around the park to get close to the amazing birds and other wildlife. You can take a ride with an experienced park interpreter to show you the wonders of the park or take a ride on your own.

Type: Paved

Length: 3 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner

Highlights: Great bird watching

Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley



This is an easy ride around the park and is a magnet for the "valley specialties" which make this park famous. These birds are found nowhere but in South Texas.

Type: Paved

Length: 4 miles

Trail Rating: Beginner

Highlights: Bird watching while on an easy ride

Resaca de la Palma TrailBentsen-Rio Grande TrailGuadalupe Trail


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