A Fun Day At The Waco Zoo

Cameron Park ZooAs part of a fun weekend in Waco we visited Waco's Cameron Park Zoo and really enjoyed it. Cameron Park Zoo sits on 52 wooded acres adjacent to the Brazos River and it's home to more than 1,731 animals and 300 species. As you follow the paths through the zoo you can't help but notice and appreciate all of the animals in what appears to be their native environment and surrounded by lush native vegetation, cascading waterfalls, and picturesque lakes and ponds.

Part of what makes Cameron Park Zoo fun, educational, and interesting is that it's organized into sections, some of which include:

  • Asian Forest - home to Sumatran Tigers, Komodo Dragons, and Orangutans

TigerKomodo Dragon getting trainedOranguatan

  • African Savanna - you'll see Giraffes, Rhinos, Meerkats, Lions, Kudu, Antelopes, African Birds and Elephants and lots more

Dik Dik AntelopesKaikane the LionElephantsAfrican Crowned Crane

  • South American Habitat - you may not know the names but you'll love the animals some of which include Scarlet Ibis, Sloths, Conures, Agouti, Capybaras, and Squirrel Monkeys

AgoutiAgoutiSquirrel MonkeyTwo Toed Sloth

  • Brazos River Country - here you'll find a Marine Aquarium, a Shore Birds Aviary, Alligators, Mountain Lions, Otters, Black Bears, Bison, Bison, Jaguars, Coyotes, and Brazos Night Animals like bats and owls

Black BearNight Owls

  • The Meadows - this lush area with creeks and a lake includes a nature trail, a playscape, a pavilion, Bald Eagles, Gibbons, Macaws, and Galapagos Tortoises

Galapagos TortoiseGibbons at the Waco ZooBald Eagle

Trails lead you through the various sections and with each animal habitat there are signs that give you some interesting and educational facts about that animal. During your visit you find benches to sit and relax as you observe the animals, and animal sculptures. On a hot day the air conditioned Herpetarium is a great place to cool off as you check out the wide variety of reptiles like giant snakes: anacondas, reticulated pythons, crocodilians, snakes, lizards, and amphibians. The same is true for the Fresh Water Aquarium which is home to the unique paddlefish, the colorful but poisonous Mandarin dragonet, the green moray eel, and more. Also In the air conditioned saltwater aquarium you can look for Nemo and Dory..

PaddlefishGila MonsterMadarian Dragonet

The Plaza Cafe and Treetops Cafe are strategically placed at the entrance to the zoo and halfway through - perfect position to load up on some food for energy and drinks to stay hydrated. The Treetops Cafe menu is limited.


The Zootique at the Cameron Park Zoo has a very comprehensive selection of quality toys, gifts, and souvenirs.

Cameron Park Zoo has a wide variety of other services, activities, and programs. For example, the Species Survival Plan is designed to help insure the survival of selected wildlife species; there are up close animal encounters, behind the scenes tours, mobile zoos where they bring animals to your business or school, and lots of special activities for kids who like to spend the night in the zoo, summer camps, and story time. Cameron Park Zoo is the only AZA accredited zoo between Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio.

If you're in Waco or passing through, you've got to carve out some time to visit the Cameron Park Zoo.

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