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If you're heading to the Big Bend area, then one of the best ways to appreciate and explore the vastness of Big Bend, learn about the geology and history of the area, and take in some unbelievable scenery is to go on an off road tour in an 4x4 off road vehicle. On our last trip to Big Bend, we stayed in the outstanding and very unique Ten Bits Ranch B&B and took one of their Big Bend area off road tours - what a blast! Ten Bits Ranch offers specialty guided tours involving geology, paleontology, historical, and archeological hiking and 4x4 SUV tours personally guided by one of their staff.

is a very unique ranch B&B set on over 250 acres of stunning Big Bend terrain and is themed around a recreated old west town of Chimney Rock. You can choose to stay in one of four well appointed and comfortable rooms designed to be part of Chimney Rock - the Bank, Gunsmith, General Store, and School House. Each of these very spacious rooms is uniquely decorated with western motif and each room has a private bathroom, very comfortable double or queen beds, gas fireplace, and a large porch with stunning views. A few steps from each of the rooms is the La Casa Huggo Cantina where you're served a great breakfast each morning and can buy a Ten Bit's tee shirt and check out the remains of duck-billed Hadrosaurids, sideneck turtles, and rhino-esque chasmosaurs that were found on the Ranch property. The Jail and Prospector Hotel are the owners quarters. We truly enjoyed our two night stay and the tour was outstanding. Read our article about a Weekend at Ten Bits Ranch B&B.


Off road tour with Ten Bits Ranch in the Big Bend AreaIn 2017 Ten Bits changed hands and the new owners don't offer offroad Jeep tours but they do offer ATV rentals and tours. Read the rest of the article to see what a unique experience it is to get offroad in Big Bend.

After a good breakfast, the four of us loaded into the Ten Bit's Ranch two 4x4 Chevy Trackers for an off road tour to explore and learn about a small but unique portion of the Big Bend area. Jennifer, the owner of Ten Bits, and one of her guides Buckner were our guides for the day and they made the trip very interesting and informative by sharing their wealth of knowledge about the geology, history of the area, plants, animals, and ecology of the Chiluahuan Desert as well some intriguing information about some of the local characters and events.

We took a 20 mile primitive-road journey from Ten Bits Ranch to Terlingua Creek then back making several stops in between to learn something new and interesting or to take in the panoramic vistas.

4x4 off road tour with Ten Bits RanchTen Bits off road tour near Big Bend

Stunning colorful mountains of Big BendOur three hour tour with Big Bend Expeditions (no longer in business) took us through some very unique and diverse desert and mountain ranges with a vast array of rock and intriguing geological formations as well vegetation and fauna of all of shapes and colors. It's impossible to describe the vastness and diversity that we experienced during this tour and pictures don't come close to doing it justice.

The land is rich with history of millions of years of evolution of people and cultures (Native American Indians, Spanish, Mexican, and Texans) as well as volcanic eruptions. The land has been sculptured over time by wind, water mining, farming, droughts, uplifting, erosion, and torrential rains - all of which have helped create unique and unusual formations with bands of striations of reds, buffs, purples, blacks, and grays.

Mountains of Big Bend

The needle at Big Bend RanchOur tour was a geologists dream and a very informative geology lesson as we learned about the impact of volcanic eruptions to earthquakes to uplifting and the impact it had on forming this unusual terrain that you won't see anywhere else in Texas. As the tour progresses you start to get a sense of the vastness and timelessness and everywhere you look are clues to the earths evolution and history from the sea bed to tall volcanic domes, all with evidence of all the forces of nature like wind and water erosion.

We rode past the Valley of the Moon where astronauts trained (this is an interesting article about their trip to Big Bend in 1964), kissing rocks, the needle (or finger as the locals call it!), and more, The deeper we got into the tour, the more we started to appreciate the beauty, vastness, diversity, rich colors, impact of nature, and ruggedness of this area.

Interesting rock formation in Big Bend Colorful mountains near Big Bend

Colorful cactusOver time the wildlife and fauna has evolved and survived harsh conditions and the desert plants are normally alive with rich desert pastels of reds, pinks, greens, and more. It doesn't take long to appreciate how anything can live out here and you start to notice that even those nasty looking cactus have some stunning colors. Speaking of survival, on our tour we drove past the homes of some rugged individuals who call this harsh terrain their home. They deal with severe conditions of heat, cold, rain, and wind as well as the lack of water, utilities, and other necessities (cable TV, swimming pools, Wi-Fi, cell phones, Wal Mart, etc.) us city folks can't go without for more than a few hours. They leverage the desert for building supplies, the sun for electricity, and the rain (if there is any and 2011 was a severe drought) for drinking water. And it's a close knit group of rugged individualists and real characters that you can count on to offer help when needed. And some aren't real happy about commercial use of their desert!

housing in the desertSign in the middle of the desertOld car in the desert

In addition to the off road tour that we took, Big Bend Expeditions offers:

  • a variety of other off road tours plus a tour that focuses on local history and legends, Terlingua's mining days, living on the border and the eccentric modern culture of Terlingua
  • guided hikes that focus on Big Bend's geologic and archeological history
  • hikes on any of the trails within Bend Bend National Park
  • a custom hike or off tour that fits your skills, interests, and physical ability
  • recommendations and reservations for rafting or canoeing the Rio Grande, scenic flights, or mountain biking tours

Before, during, and after our stay at Ten Bits Ranch, we had a fantastic eight days golfing, taking an ATV tour, listening to some outstanding music during a two day music festival, hiking in Big Bend, and more - check our article on Big Bend Adventure Weekend.

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