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Texas Outside Rating: 8.4

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Holiday Park Campground Overview:

Holiday Park Campground Review

Located on the west side of Benbrook Lake, Holiday Park Campground has plenty of sites that are perfect for a weekend camping trip.  A large majority of the sites are within 50 to 100 feet from the lake - when it is at capacity.  There are also a lot of sites with lake views and lots of shade trees. 

All of the roads and sites are paved and big rigs shouldn't have any trouble getting into a site. There is a good mixture of long pull through and back-in sites.

The park is staffed by some friendly work campers.  The restrooms are dated and could use some cleaning, painting, and updating.

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Amenities and Fun Things To Do:

Holiday Park Campground has 105 designated campsites that are a mixture of 20/30 AMP (43 sites), 31 sites with 20/30/50 AMP service, 26 sites with no electric, 5 sites with an enclosed screen shelter, and on equestrian site.  All of the sites have water, a firepit, and covered picnic table.  All of the sites are very spacious with lots of room to spread out.  There are a lot of sites that are 50 feet from the lake - when it is at capacity. 

There is a good mixture of long pull throughs and back-ins, open to well shaded, and waterfront to under the trees with a lake view. There is also plenty of nearby parking for extra cars.  Some of the sites are very level and others will require some blocks/jacks to get level.

Some of the amenities at Holiday Park Campground on Lake Benbrook include:

  • 3 restrooms with showers
  • 4 boat ramps, 2 of which have courtesy docks for loading and unloading
  • there is a fishing pier at the south end of the park
  • there is a trail in the park for hiking and equestrian use - it says no bikes but a work camper told us it was ok
  • kids will like the small playscape
  • near the entrance to the park is a dump station
  • there is a photo blind for birdwatchers
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A Typical Texas Outsider Day:

For on the lake camping in very spacious sites, it's hard to beat Holiday Park Campground.  We enjoy boating on Lake Benbrook which is 3600 acres with a maximum depth of 70 and it's ok for some water recreation and fishing - but don't expect any bars, restaurants, or beautiful scenery.  You also need to watch out for tree stumps.  Most of the shoreline is good for boat parking and swimming.

Time permitting the trails are fun to ride - up and down some minor hills and lots of twists and turns through the trees.

On a recent stay at Holiday Park we enjoyed some a good Chinese buffet (Golden Buffet) and played golf at Whitestone Golf Course and Benbrook Par 3 Golf Course  - the links will take you to our review of each course.

In Fort Worth, we love the Stockyards, the restaurants, the Trinity River Trails, the Zoo, and Sundance Square.

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Cool Nearby Activities:

Benbrook is just up the road and it's got a lot of fast food restaurants, a Wal-mart, and some other restaurants and limited shopping.

Within 25 minutes you can enjoy all that Fort Worth has to offer - here is our list of the Top 10 Fun Things To Do in Fort Worth.   We love the Stockyards, the restaurants, the Trinity River Trails, the Zoo, and Sundance Square.

Just up the road from Holiday Park Campground is Benbrook Stables if you like horseback riding.

And here is a Fort Worth Golf Map of some nearby golf courses.

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Texas Outside Favorite Sites: Most on the water are great - like 83 or 72.

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Texas Outside Campground Rating System

Texas Outside uses a tough rating scale and it’s difficult for a campground to get a “10”.  Each park is rated on:

  • Scenic Beauty: a campground that is flat with no trees or character gets a “1” and hills, lots of trees, beautiful lake site, and lush ground cover gets a “10”
  • Park Condition:  the cleaner, well kept, and maintained campgrounds receive high scores
  • Amenities: we are looking for lots of amenities like restrooms, dump stations, playgrounds, boat ramps, shelters, concession stand, rental toys, and more.
  • Campsites:  low scores are given for sites that are right next to each other (good for getting to know your neighbors, but not what we’re looking for when we’re camping); have no lantern holder, no water or electricity, no fire pit, no grill, or no picnic table (or it’s rotten wood); have no trees and no view; the ground cover is crushed rock (my bare feet hate that stuff!); and they require a lot of work to get your rig level.
  • Things To Do: Bonus points are given for campgrounds that offer lots of fun things to do at the park or very nearby – this includes: biking, hiking, climbing, boating, entertainment, golf, swimming, fishing, volleyball, horseshoes, and more