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Maverick Ranch RV Park Overview:

If you are considering a trip to the Big Bend area, Maverick Ranch RV Park is the place to stay.  They have over 100 full hook up sites and convenient access to enough to keep you busy for a month or more.  Plus as a guest of Maverick Ranch, you can enjoy all of the excellent amenities at Lajitas Golf Resort, which is just across the street from the RV park.

Maverick Ranch is highly rated by Woodalls and Trailer Life and is currently a Texas Outside Favorite Park because the Park is well maintained and manicured, the service is friendly, the amenities are excellent, the scenery is fantastic,  and there is wide variety of fun things to see and do within an hour's drive. 

The RV Park was chiseled out of the desert and as such it is perfectly flat, arid, and surrounded by rugged hills and mountains.  A variety of desert desert landscaping and over a hundred trees have been added to the park for both shade and astetics.  The views of the mountains, sunrise, and sunsets are stunning and well worth the time it takes to get to Maverick Ranch.

Be prepared, Marverick Ranch RV Park is the heart of the Chihuahuan Desert  which at first may seem barren and devoid of any beauty.   But after a few hours, the desert and landscape will seem to come alive and you'll grow to appreciate it's unique beauty.  Without huge trees or shrubs to get in the way, the view is unobstructed and you'll start to appreciate the majestic mountains and rugged terrain that surround Maverick Ranch which has evolved over 500 million years of geologic turmoil, lava spewed from volcanic eruptions, and wind and water erosion.  During the season and frequently after a monsoon rain the desert comes alive with vibrant colors of reds, whites, purples, and more.  And the stars at night are unbelievable - make sure you take the time to stargaze.  By the time you leave you'll love this rugged and harsh desert and start planning another trip next year to Maverick Ranch RV Park.

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Amenities and Fun Things To Do:

Maverick Ranch RV Park has 101 full hook-up sites that are a mixture of pull throughs and back-ins.  Each of the sites have new top of the line lighted hook-up pedestals with 20/30/50 AMP service, water, cable, and telephone connections. The connection pedestal and sewer hook-ups are conveniently located.  The pull through sites range from 75 to 100 feet long and 30 to 50 feet wide and the back-ins are 50 to 100 feet long - more than enough room for the biggest rigs with quad slide and anything that you're towing.

About 50% of the full hook-up sites have picnic tables and all of the them have a large manicured grassy area as well as a concrete and rock patio area.  Maverick Ranch is in the middle of the desert and shade is a premium and  the park currently (March 2010) has over 25 mature cottonwood and other trees, another 25 that are younger, and they are planting an additional 50 medium sized trees before the end of summer.

Some of the 101 sites are for tents only and each of the tent sites have water and electric.  For groups of tent campers and desert nature lovers, the primitive camping area is just 100 yards from the park and it has 18 sites in a desert canyon.  No water or electric is available in the primitive area but it's an easy walk to the campground to get water, use the showers, or enjoy a dip in the pool.

Maverick Ranch RV Park is very well maintained and manicured and it is landscaped with a variety of desert fauna that when blooming adds vibrant color throughout the park.  Every site has an excellent view of the mountains and the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

All of the sites are paved and level. The roads are also paved and there is ample room for the biggest of rigs to easily maneuver to and from their site.

Within the park is a large clubhouse with a:

  • group meeting room and a small kitchen
  • a very nice pool that's perfect for a hot summer day
  • vine covered pergola
  • library and TV room
  • laundry room with new washers and dryers
  • bathroom area with tiled private individual showers areas with individual sink, toilet, and a dressing area

Just outside the entrance to the RV park is a very complete general store which also has a lot of RV supplies, souvenirs, and groceries.

Best of all, Maverick Ranch RV Park is just across the street from one of the best resorts in Texas - the 27,000 acre Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa.  And when you stay at Maverick Ranch you can enjoy all of the resort amenities and activities, some of which include:

  • a fantastic 18 hole championship golf course - read our review of Back Jack's Crossing to learn more about this fun track
  • the Agave Spa with a wide range of treatments
  • over 75 miles of trails for biking and hiking
  • ATV Tours through the desert and along the Rio Grande
  • a fun and lively bar with sandwiches and other light fare
  • a top notch Equestrian Center with horseback trail rides and other equestrian activities
  • an excellent restaurant serving contemporary new American cuisine infused with indigenous fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • game hunting as well at five stand skeet and sport clay shooting

Make sure you check the activities schedule to find out what's going on at the Resort during your stay - several times a year they host special events, live music festivals, and other fun stuff.  To learn more about about this great resort, read our review of Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa.

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A Typical Texas Outsider Day:

Wow, where do I start - there is so much to see and enjoy and during our visit we tried a lot of it.  First, we wanted to start our stay with a round of golf on Black Jack's Crossing but unfortunately it was closed due to flooding - so we rode our bikes around the course to get a feel for what it was like.  It was impressive and our hearts sank when we saw the flood damage.  Since our visit, Black Jack's Crossing has been completely remodeling and we are told it is even better than before the flood. 

The Rio Grande River was still high and running much faster than normal during our visit so we scheduled a raft trip with nearby Big Bend River Tours.  What a blast - beautiful scenery, some good white water at the Rockslide rapids, wildlife, a hike up a narrow canyon, and an unbelievable float through the narrow Santa Elena Canyon with sheer 500 to 1000 foot cliffs. Read more about Rafting with Big Bend River Tours.

Another day was spent hiking on several of the trails in Big Bend National Park - the scenery on every trail we hiked was stunning - tall majestic mountains, trees, rugged peaks, and panoramic vistas of the desert and Rio Grande river.  We really enjoyed the Lost Mines and Windows trails and the short but fun hike to the dunes and entrance to Santa Elena canyon on the Boquillas Canyon hike.  If you like hiking, it just doesn't get much better than Big Bend National Park.

One morning we went on an ATV tour with Lajitas Resort while the ladies enjoyed the Lajitas Resort Spa.  The ATV tour was fantastic - scenic, exciting as we rode narrow trails up and down some big hills, and our guide made it very informative with several interpretive stops to learn about the history, plants, and more.  After the ATV tour we had a great meal at the Resort's restaurant. 

We told that before we left we had to explore Terilingua and the local restaurants and bars - which we did and can't wait to get back to again.  La Kiva is a fun bar and restaurant with local entertainment. 

It's a long ways from Dallas to Lajitas, so we broke the trip up and spent time exploring Texas to and from Lajitas.  We enjoyed a wide variety of things to do from golf, Monahans Sand Dunes, the funky and quaint town of Marfa, Davis Mountains State Park, the McDonald Observatory, one of the best swimming holes in Texas, and lots more.  To learn about this fun trip read A Golfing Vacation To West Texas

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Cool Nearby Activities:

As mentioned early, once to get to Maverick Ranch RV Park, you'll have enough to see and do to keep you busy for a month or more.  Here are some options that we would recommend:

  • hiking in Big Bend National Park - there is nothing else like it in Texas and the trails range from easy to strenuous, through the desert or up some steep mountain trails, and from an hour to multiple days - there is something for everyone
  • spend some time taking advantage of all the amenities that Lajitas Resort has to offer - golf, spa, restaurants, hunting, shooting, ATV tours, biking and hiking trials, pools, and horseback riding
  • take a scenic 49 mile drive on Route 170 out of Lajitas leading to Presidio - this route was chosen by Automobile Magazine as one of the 20 most outstanding drives in America and National Geographic Magazine rated it as one of the most scenic roads in the country - it is a very impressive ride
  • explore Terilingua and make sure you have a drink at La Kiva, check out the Terlingua Ghost Town, the Starlight Theater, and some of the other local restaurants and bars - you'll be hard pressed to find a more interesting, unique, and friendly group of locals
  • enjoy a rafting or canoeing trip down the Rio Grande River - read about our fun trip Rafting with Big Bend River Tours
  • for the more rugged and rural hiking and biking, visit Big Bend State Park - the largest State Park in Texas with over 300,000 acres of Chihuahuan Desert wilderness in a remarkably rugged, remote and unpopulated setting.
  • consider planning your trip when Lajitas Resort has some fun events scheduled or sometime during the world famous Terlingua Chili Cookoff which is happening in early November

Check out our Big Bend/Terlingua/Lajitas interactive map to find most of the above and more.  Make sure you try every one of our Top Ten Things To See and Do in the Big Bend Area

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