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Texas Outside Rating: 3.4

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Southport Marina RV Sites Overview:

Southport Marina RV sites are a part of the Southport Marina and Bull Frogs Sports Bar and Restaurant. The sites are about 300 yards from the marina.

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Amenities and Fun Things To Do:

There are about 10 Southport Marina RV sites with a 30/50 amp, water, and electricity for $20 to $24 (50 amp) a day in 2006. Most of the sites when were there were occupied by full timers. Don't get your hopes up about finding some great sites or fun things to do here. You stay here if you plan on launching your boat at Southport Marina (closed in October 2006 because of the drought) to explore or fish Richland Chambers Reservoir or you want to party at Bull Frog and not drive home. We stayed here one night as a part of our Thank God For Weekends trip to Richland Chambers -- you can read about the trip by reading the Richland Chambers Thank God For Weekends.


A Typical Texas Outsider Day:

Richland Chambers Reservoir is 43,000 acres and is good for fishing, but there isn't much else to do on the lake. The terrain is flat and there aren't any big coves for skiing or swimming. There are a number of new housing developments with lakefront property.

We look for some calm water for skiing down by the dam or in a small cove just south west of the Highway 287 bridge. Watch out for stumps if you plan on boating this lake during the drought of 2006. After skiing, we typically swim, eat, and play games.

If the water is up, you can boat over to Bull Frogs Restaurant and Sports Bar (just south west of the Highway 287 bridge) for lunch, diner, and music. If the water is down, you can beach or anchor the boat and walk. During the summer, Bull Frogs is pretty lively. Your site at Southport Marina is only 300 yards to Bull Frogs, so you should be able to find your way home after partying.

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Cool Nearby Activities:

Corsicana is 15 miles west and you can visit Gander Mtn. for outdoor gear; the world famous Collin Street Bakery that has been baking goodies and fruitcakes (the only fruitcake that was granted the rare New York Gourmet Society Culinary Merit Award) since 1896; the Lefty Frizzell Country Music Museum; the Pearce Collections Museum; or Pioneer Village which is a restoration of houses and buildings form the mid 1800s.

If you’re really bored or you want to buy some lake front property, you can visit or tour some of the lake properties (ie, The Shores being promoted by former Cowboy Randy White is 500 yards down the road from Southport Marina) being developed all around Richland Chambers.

If you like golf, check out the Golfing Texas section of Texas Outside. We haven't validated the two listed Corsicana courses. North on highway 45 about 30 minutes is one of our favorites, Old Brickyard -- there is a review of this course on Texas Outsides' Golfing Texas.

About 15 minutes away is Rural Shade ATV Ranch which is an 1800 acre ATV park and campground. Multiple times a year they have a number of different events like ATV mud racing.

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Texas Outside Favorite Sites: They are all about the same.

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  • Scenic Beauty: a campground that is flat with no trees or character gets a “1” and hills, lots of trees, beautiful lake site, and lush ground cover gets a “10”
  • Park Condition:  the cleaner, well kept, and maintained campgrounds receive high scores
  • Amenities: we are looking for lots of amenities like restrooms, dump stations, playgrounds, boat ramps, shelters, concession stand, rental toys, and more.
  • Campsites:  low scores are given for sites that are right next to each other (good for getting to know your neighbors, but not what we’re looking for when we’re camping); have no lantern holder, no water or electricity, no fire pit, no grill, or no picnic table (or it’s rotten wood); have no trees and no view; the ground cover is crushed rock (my bare feet hate that stuff!); and they require a lot of work to get your rig level.
  • Things To Do: Bonus points are given for campgrounds that offer lots of fun things to do at the park or very nearby – this includes: biking, hiking, climbing, boating, entertainment, golf, swimming, fishing, volleyball, horseshoes, and more

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