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Durango Zip Line Adventure

Full Blast Adventure Center - Durango, COOn a recent vacation to Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico, we stayed in Durango for a few days and played some outstanding golf courses and enjoyed some really fun adventures. One of those adventures was zipping through the trees during a zip line canopy tour with Full Blast Adventure Center. What a fun adventure!

Zip line tour in DurangoLocated on the outskirts of Durango, Full Blast Adventure Center offers three zip line canopy tours:

  • The Ponderosa which we signed up for because we were limited on time - it's a 2 hour zip line tour where once you launch from the first platform you'll fly from tree top platforms with your feet never touching the ground
  • The Ponderosa Grande - this 3 hour zip adventure includes The Ponderosa Tour plus 6 extra zip lines including the "Big Daddy" which is the fastest and longest zip line and will take your breath away
  • The Night Flight - the zip line tour starts at sunset and with headlamps and glowing bracelets you zip from illuminated platform to illuminated platform

Our zip line canopy tour started with being fitted with a zip line harness, a helmet, and some gloves. After the fitting we got a lesson in zipping on a short practice zip line. From there it was a short hike up a switchback trail to our first platform. We climbed up the platform, hooked in and took off and for the next two hours had a blast zipping from platform to platform - a total of six different zip lines of various lengths.

Getting fitted with our harnessShowing us the zip lineJohn John  clowning around on the practice ziplineHiking up the trail to the first platform

The zip lines are fast and exciting, the scenery is beautiful, and our two guides, Cody and John John, were funny. Another thing that we liked is that Full Blast Adventures uses a unique double zip line system which means you can zip hands free and don't need to worry about braking!

Full Blast Adventure zip line tourFull Blast Adventure zip line tour

Full Blast Adventure zip line tourFull Blast Adventure Center claims to have the longest zip line at over a half a mile as well as the fastest zip line in Colorado. On the Ponderosa tour your feet only touch the ground at the end of the tour where you walk back down the path to the office. On the Ponderosa Grande you're last zip takes you to the top of the office - what a fun way to end the tour.

A photographer is stationed at various platforms and at the end of the tour you have an option to buy some pictures of you zipping through the trees. The only restrictions on zipping are you must be over 4 and under 275 pounds.

In addition to zip line tours, Full Blast Adventure Center also has:

  • Paintball - a Hybrid Woods ball course with just the right amount of trees, vegetation, bunkers, and obstacles to create the perfect War Zone
  • Slacklining - you'll try the act of balancing on a narrow, flexible piece of webbing that is anchored between two trees and low to the ground