10 Fun and Exciting Copper Mountain Activities

Just one of many of the reasons why you should consider a summer family vacation in Copper Mountain is because of all the fun things for kids (and adults) to do. We visited Copper Mountain for a summer vacation and had a group of 18 which included 10 kids ranging from 7 to 17 - and to a tee kids and adults said this vacation to Copper Mountain was one of the best. This page is dedicated to some of the things that our grand kids and friends enjoyed on this trip.

While the parents were enjoying lunch and drinks and music in the park at Ten Mile Tavern in the center of the Copper Mountain Village and at the base of some of the ski runs, the kids were having fun playing a lot of games that were scattered around the square:

  • tossing a volley ball into barrels - similar to the game where you try to throw a ping pong ball into a cup and if you make it the other team has to chug a drink
  • bean bag toss
  • shuffleboard and more

Shuffleboard and moreBean bag tossBall toss

Those games were just a warm-up for the bigger, better, faster, and more challenging adventures that have a fee associated with each activity. The good news is that Copper Mountain has a Weekday Warrior Pass that is good for one day and all of the following activities, each of which is normally $15. If you spend $30 at any of the Copper Mountain restaurants you could redeem the receipt for a Weekday Warrior Pass which gives you access to all of the activities and some that you can do twice. What a deal, we ate and drank enough to get all 18 of us more that one Weekday Warrior Pass!

The Copper Mountain activities included:

  • The 5,800 feet long Rocky Mountain Coaster that is one of the longest in North America. It descends 430 vertical feet on an average grade of 10.9% and seems like it zooms down the mountain at 50 miles an hour. I swore to the grand kids that I would make it all the way down without having to use the hand brake but as I approached the first semi circle turn at what seemed like 100 miles an hour, I applied the brake and safely coasted around the turn. And there were several other places where I had to apply the brakes. When asked, I had to fess up and was quickly labeled a sissy! The grand kids made it with no brakes but came down with wind swept hair. Fun ride that we all did twice.

the Rocky Mountain Coasterthe Rocky Mountain Coasterthe Rocky Mountain Coaster

  • The WreckTangle is Copper Mountain's version of an outdoor Ninja challenge course. The goal is to make it through all nine sections of unique and fun-filled obstacles like cargo nets, balance beams, rope swings, climbing wall, and more! I decided to sit on Downhill Dukes' patio with a drink and some appetizers and watch the kids master the course.
  • From Downhill Dukes I could also watch the kids flip, spin, and fling themselves high into the Colorado blue ski on the Bungee Jump - by the third visit they were doing double front and back flips and the adults had to eat and drink more to supply them with more passes.
  • While we were earning more passes and listening to the music, the kids enjoyed playing a competitive round of miniature golf on the nine hole course.

WreckTangle Bungee jumpMiniature golf

  • Next up was to see who could make it to the top of the tallest climbing wall in Colorado - 3 out of 8 of the kids scurried to the top in what seemed like record time.
  • Those who didn't set a record on the climbing wall challenged the others to a go cart race - the surprising winner was my daughter and her 7 year old daughter. All the macho men and kids were red faced and truly embarrassed.
  • From there it was a short walk to zip across the lake at 30 miles an hour, ride bumper boats, and pedal water bikes - I was shocked that none of the kids fell in the lake.

Winner of the go cart raceZip line Bumper boats

  • By far one of the favorite activities by the younger boys was the Woodward Copper Barn with skateparks, Olympic-grade trampolines, foam pit jumps, indoor ski and snowboard training and lots more! Visit the Woodward Copper Website to learn more about this exciting, fun, and unique facility.

Woodward BarnWoodward BarnWoodward Barn

Bike RideAll of the above activities are within a two minute walk from Copper Mountain Village. If all of that doesn't fit your fancy or keep you busy enough you can rent bikes in the Village and pedal around Copper, try any of several trails (Copper to Vail or Copper to Frisco), or pedal up the mountain and race down any of the ski run trails or you can ride the ski lift up and pedal down. Golfers of all skill levels will enjoy playing the Copper Creek Golf Course - read our review of Copper Creek Golf Course to learn why. Copper Creek runs through Copper Mountain and each evening after a full day of activities, the kids would grab their fishing poles and head to the creek - each day they caught and released several fish. You would think that from all of the activities from dawn to dusk the kids would be pooped and in bed by 9 - nope, they were in the hot tub when all the tired parents turned in at 11 after some rousing games.

White Water RaftingIf all of the Copper Mountain activities don't fit your fancy or you're looking for other things to do, you've got lots of excellent choices within an hours drive. You can go white water rafting (read about our trip down the Arkansas River), enjoy any of several scenic hikes including hiking up and down the Copper Mountain ski area, rent ATVs for some fun and exciting tours (read about our ATV tour with Nova Guides), enjoy Lake Dillon with a boat/kayak/SUP rental or for swimming or fishing, or explore any of the interesting towns like Vail, Breckenridge, Frisco, Leadville, Silver City, or a ghost town. And during the summer the weather is typically perfect for outdoor activities - sunny and clear and in the 80s.

If you get bored on a summer vacation in Copper Mountain, something is terribly wrong! Have fun.

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