A Fun Visit To Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History

Corpus Christi Museum of Science & HistoryOn our way to South Padre Island to escape the cold weather up north (which wasn't cold at all - it was 70 when we left Austin!) we stopped in Portland, Texas for a couple days. On one of the days we decided to visit the Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History and we left very impressed and wished we had a couple more hours that day to explore some of the areas we rushed through to make sure we got a glimpse of everything before the museum closed. Some of the reasons we loved the Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History include:

  • the Museum is well laid out and easy to navigate
  • the exhibits and displays are excellent
  • it is suitable for all ages and everyone should enjoy at least some part, if not all, of the Museum
  • in addition to full life displays or glass case displays each section has film, interactive kiosks loaded with information, and educational plaques about each display

Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History was established in 1952 and is located on the waterfront in the Sports, Entertainment, and Arts District in downtown Corpus. The Museum is home to more than 90,000 square feet of history and science exhibits that are unique to Corpus Christi and it's surroundings. You'll walk through 500 years of Texas history ranging from shipwrecks of early explorers to decorative arts from historic Corpus families to a children's science center. The Museum is laid out in four major sections:

  • History - with information on 1554 Padre Island shipwrecks, Doc McGregor's Gallery of Corpus Christi and a Theater, Corpus Christi History, Gallery of Cultural Encounter's La Belle Shipwreck, and more

recreated ship hullDoc McGregor pictureCorpus Christi Museum of Science & History

  • Science - Paleontology about when the giants ruled, Coastal Ecology, Geology Hall, and Explore the Nanoverse

Geology hall exhibitFossilsFox display

  • Children's - Playground and Music Garden, Piano Stairs, Planetarium, and more
  • Featured Exhibit - a comprehensive display of Guns & Ammo

Kids areaguns and ammo displayPlanaterium

Doc Mcgregor picture of Corpus ChristiIt was hard to leave The McGregor Gallery which has over 250,000 black and white photographs, which were taken by the world renowned photographer Doc McCregor - very interesting photography. The Science Center is a 5,000 square foot center that cost over $3 million and it covers everything from micro to macro exhibits that include chemistry, particles, cells, DNA, engineering, math, and physics.

Kids will love the Children's section with a unique indoor playground, the stairs to the second floor that are piano keys and play notes as you ascend or descend, the planetarium, and the outdoor playground with huge musical instruments. If you like guns, you'll want to save extra time in the Featured Exhibit which had unique and interesting guns from multiple eras.

Science guy at Corpus Christi Museum of Science & HistoryOne of my favorites at the Museum was the Science Guy who did a variety of experiments. For example, to demonstrate static electricity and the Bernoulli's principle which is what keeps airplanes in the air and to make it more interesting and interactive, he got the audience engaged with questions and volunteers to help with the experiments. We didn't see them but the Museum also has a as a Theater Troupe which is a group of theater professionals that brings visitors awesome reenactments and demonstrations using authentic artifacts and replicas.

KitchenThe Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History always has some kind of special Featured Exhibit as well as several fun programs each month - like the Space Fun Family Day where visitors can explore the universe with out-of-this world activities and crafts and even create their own planet. Check the Museum's website for a list of the special events and featured exhibits. Plus the Museum has 3 live theatre exhibits where you can travel back in time with a General Store proprietor, delight in timeless Southern hospitality with the resident homemaker in an authentic Shell-crete kitchen or be transported to the 1800’s in a one room schoolhouse for an “old school” learning experience!

Before you leave the Museum, visit the Geek and Chic Gift Shop and take home a souvenir of your visit.

The entrance fees to the museum are very affordable and everyone should enjoy their visit, so check their website to see what the special events are and schedule a time to visit.

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