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Cotulla, Texas  was recently named as one of the top 50 outdoor sports towns in the country.  Find out all about it below:

Population: 3600
Location: South Texas
Elevation: 300 feet
Peak Season: November-January

About 85 miles south of San Antonio, Cotulla lies in the heart of the South Texas Plains, called the "Brush Country" because of the abundant blackbrush, mesquite, cat's claw and prickly pear.

Great quail, turkey, wild boar and javelina hunting. Freshwater fishing for big largemouth bass, crappie and huge catfish in Choke Canyon Reservoir and Corpus Christi Lake.

Pick up hunting clothes and gear at Ben's Western Wear (830/879-3121). For guided deer hunting contact Helen MacCarty at the El Jabali Ranch (830/676-3518) or Chris Huey at the Kahlig Ranch (830/373-4525). All-inclusive hunts start at $2500.

The Cotulla Motel's (830/879-2336) rooms are $34. Rooms with king-sized beds at the Executive Inn (830/879-2488) are $52. Sample the smoked-pit ham, beef and Mexican-style meals at the Country Store (830/879-3319).

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