A Good Time At The Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco

workshop at Sci-Tech Discovery CenterAs part of a visit to Dallas to entertain the grandkids (ok, me too!) we took them to the Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco and after trying every exhibit at least 3 times and some even more than that, we had to drag them out of there because the Center was getting ready to close. They had a blast with all of the hands on exhibits.

According to the Sci-Tech Discovery Center website their mission is "...to provide dynamic educational experiences that inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace discovery and innovation through the active exploration of science, math, and technology." The exhibits sure inspired our grandkids - maybe they will be our next generation of engineers, scientists, educators, or innovators and help fund my retirement!

Bodies in Balance at Sci-TechWhen we visited, the permanent exhibits at Sci-Tech Discovery Center included:

  • Bodies in Balance which is about letting you discovery how hard your body works to keep your bodies complex systems in balance. 24 interactive stations offer you the opportunity to explore your bodies maze of complex systems and functions and answer questions like how does my body defend itself form invaders or how do we get rid of excessive heat?
  • Nano is an interactive exhibit that engages family audiences in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology by using a variety of displays that are designed to be both fun, informational, and challenging.
  • Coordination Station was the exhibit the grandkids seemed to like the best because the rotating games were a blast to play and challenged their creative as well as coordination skills - for example, trying to roll a golf ball down a ramp and placing it on an X or O to win tic-tac-toe or trying to move a golf ball from one pole to another without dropping it
  • Some of the other exhibits included: Lego Tracks (build a Lego car and race it down a track), Bubble Table with different bubble creating frames; Preschool Zone with blocks, books, and puzzles; Weather Station including a tornado machine to let you experience hurricane force winds for a small fee; and Widget Wall where you use magnetic halfpipes to roll a ball down your own coaster.

Lionfishview from inside the submersibleDuring the year the Sci-Tech Discovery Center has special exhibits and for our visit it was an interesting exhibit about how water travels from a rain droplet down mountain streams (that you can control in a 3D watershed model) and into the ocean and on to your drinking glass. Some of the components of the exhibit let you: pilot a full size submersible from a mountain stream to the ocean; be a biologist and discover interesting underwater species that help the environment; use an interactive maze to move water through environmental hazards; use a ball machine to divert pollutants from fresh water through a storm drain; and see where your watershed is located and how you daily water use stacks up.

Some of the highlights for the grandkids and me included:

  • the bubble table kept both of the grandkids busy for quite a while creating some huge beautiful bubbles and trying to make them big and long enough that they could put their heads and shoulders into the bubble
  • they finally got pretty good at putting the beach ball on top of an air machine and then directing the air to blow the ball into a basketball hoop
  • both grandkids were pretty excited when I lost three in a row in tic-tac-toe - I couldn't seem to get the rolling golf ball to stop on any Xs or Os

Big bubbles at Sci TechShooting hoopsgolf ball tic tac toe

  • we were amazed at Dirk's arm span compared to ours - no wonder he's good at dunking the ball
  • it took us a minute or two to figure out that the cups on the floor could be inserted into one end of what looked like a bongo and when you hit the other end with your fist, the cup would shoot forward and sail through the air toward some flags three feet away - I won the accuracy contest
  • we all loved the movable crane with a suspended hook that you use to try and hook onto any of four different blocks and then haul the block up and away - the grandson had the best time of under 45 seconds

arm spanSci-Tech Discovery CenterHooked on the crane game

All in all we (adults and kids) loved the Sci-Tech Discovery Center. And what a great place for one of their special events, a summer camp, or a birthday party. Click on the link to return to our article on a Weekend of Kids Activities in Frisco.

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