A Fun Visit With The Dinosaurs in Glen Rose, Texas

Dinosaur World On a recent weekend adventure in Glen Rose, we decided to check out the dinosaurs at Dinosaur World. I was a little skeptical about visiting, thinking it would be an expensive tourist trap with some plastic dinosaurs - boy, was I wrong. Dinosaur World is amazing and home to:

  • a huge gift shop loaded with everything from dinosaur dolls to gems, tee shirts, and lots more
  • a very well done museum with lots of information about dinosaurs and several life size animated exhibits
  • a fossil dig and Dino Gem Mine and dinosaur boneyard
  • a self guided walking tour loaded with dinosaurs
  • a kid's playground and picnic area

Dinosaur World entranceThe entrance to Dinosaur World is pretty impressive with a huge wall and driveway entrance that's got six big dinosaurs climbing on it and the the door into the gift shop is guarded by a dinosaur skeleton and a huge dinosaur head with nasty looking teeth.

Dinosaur World Gift ShopOnce you get safely inside you're surrounded by a huge gift and souvenir shop with lots of dinosaur artifacts, beautiful gems, clothing, and more.

From there we walked into the dinosaur museum that is loaded with an assortment of real and cast prehistoric fossils. Informational panels along the walls have some interesting facts and answers to questions about dinosaurs - their size, enemies, habitat, eating habits, and lots more. Toward the end of museum is the motion and sound activated animatronics dinosaur display. Here is where the Amargasaurus, Coelophysis, Iguanodon, Parasaurolophus, Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Velociraptor seem to come alive.

Dinosaur World MuseumDinosaur World MuseumDinosaur World Museum

Dinosaur WorldOutside the museum are some dinosaur skeletons and the Fossil Dig where kids dig for fossils in a specially stocked pit area that includes everything from shark teeth and gastropods to stingray barbs and Mosasaur teeth. Kids can select three of their favorites fossils to take home.

Kids will also like the Dino Gem Excavation where they choose a bag or bucket and run it through the mining sluice to see what treasures they have uncovered like real minerals, arrowheads, or gems - and they get to keep everything they find! They can also grab some tools and start digging for bones in the Bone Yard. Dinosaur World Trail

After all that, you should be ready for the half mile paved loop trail through the mesquite trees loaded with several species of dinosaurs. Every 50 yards or so there is a dinosaur exhibit set among the trees with life size dinosaurs and an interesting information plaque about that species. Very well done!

There are 42 different species scattered along the trail. The sizes (from two or three stories tall to the size of large dog), shapes, colors, and variety of dinosaurs on display was amazing. In the middle of the trail is a pond with some hungry fish waiting for you to feed them some food from the gift shop.

Dinosaur World TrailDinosaur World TrailDinosaur World Trail

Dinosaur World TrailDinosaur World TrailDinosaur World Trail

At the end of the trail is a picnic area (you can bring a cooler, snacks, and drinks) and a dinosaur playground.

Most likely your kids won't want to leave! If they need more, just down the road is Dinosaur Valley State Park which has a museum and dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy River that runs through the Park.

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