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Disc golfing -- what a great way to spend an afternoon.  This section of Texas Outside is dedicated to those of you who love disc golf.  Here you will find some disc golf courses, Frisbees and related equipment, and some Texas disc golf course listings and descriptions.  We need to expand this section, if you can help us with information, courses, clubs, or course reviews and pictures, please contact us.

Disc Golf Courses, Reviews, Maps, and More

  • The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) has tons of good information on disc golf, including course description, lengths, and amenities
  • - quickly find a Texas Disc Course using this map

Texas Disc Golf Information

Disc Golf Gear

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If there isn’t a course where you’re camping, try laying out your own course.  Here’s how we do it when we are camping and want to play disc golf. In order, each player will make up a hole when it is his or her turn – the layout of the hole is left up to each individual. For example, Fred defines his hole as: you need to throw the Frisbee through the two posts supporting the sign (it must go through from this direction only); once you are through the posts, you must land the disc on top of the picnic table in site #5. Fred could make this hole a little tougher by adding some additional challenges like: through the posts, around the dead oak tree on the left side only, under the picnic take, and if you land in any pavement or hit any trees it is a one stroke penalty.  Some additional rules include:  one stroke penalty for hitting a car, dog, a full beer can, or a person (hit a grandma and it’s two strokes); on each shot, one foot must remain where the Frisbee landed (this is tough when you land in the cactus or fire ant piles – one stroke to move your foot); and par is determined by whoever had the lowest number of shots for that hole.  Have fun.