Texas Fly Fishing – The Best Spots To Cast Your Line

In a state that abounds in saltwater and freshwater bodies in which fish live in large numbers, there’s no wonder that fly fishing is just one of the many outdoor activities you can engage in. Locals know the best spots, but, for travelers, identifying the places with the highest chances to reward an ambitious angler can be difficult.

Here are some of the most popular places in Texas that are perfect for fly fishing. You will get a great fishing experience and the adventures you go through while here will make excellent topics of conversation with your buddies. Make sure you also check out Texas Outside's Fly Fishing Guides Page if you want to hire a fly fishing guide to give you some fly fishing tips and techniques and help you land a big fish.

Guadalupe River Fly Fishing

Guadalupe River FishingThe Guadalupe River is probably the number one spot for fly fishing in Texas. The Guadalupe River is Ideal for fishing in winter and the fishing is goof from the end of November until May. One thing that’s great about it is that while many other rivers are open in summer, you know that you can count on the Guadalupe River to sustain your love for fly fishing year round.

Trout is the most popular fish on the Guadalupe River, which is no surprise, seeing how its open season lasts through the winter and covers the early part of spring, as well. What may surprise you, though, especially if you never traveled to the Guadalupe River is that the stunning scenery makes this river appear as if it belongs to a tropical rainforest and not Central and Southern Texas. Check out Texas Outside's Upper Guadalupe River Page and Lower Guadalupe River Page to find lots of information on the Guadalupe River. This fly fishing page on the North and South Forks of the Guadalupe River also has some great information.

Fishing on Canyon Lake

Fishing on Canyon LakeRivers are not the only great places in Texas where you can go fly fishing. Canyon Lake is the ideal place for casting your line from the banks, and you will be surprised at the variety of fish you can catch here. There are multiple parks and lodging options spread throughout Canyon Lake, so it will feel like a real vacation if you choose this spot.

Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, as well as many other varieties of bass call Canyon Lake their home and many anglers come here to have fun. You can also rent a boat and try fly fishing this way or hire a Canyon Lake Fishing Guide to take you where the big fish are waiting for you! Read Texas Outside's Review of Canyon Lake to learn more about this great lake.

Blanco River Fly Fishing

Blanco River FishingIt can safely be said that Texas is the ideal destination for winter fishing because there are just so many places that are perfect for this. Blanco River is another spot for fly fishing that is open in all winter. However, it is open in summer also but the hot season tends to be pretty crowded.

Another thing you should know about this fishing destination is that you would be better casting your line from the shore since the many dams scattered along the length of the river won’t allow proper boating. Smallmouth bass are present in large numbers as well as largemouth bass and panfish. Make sure to get the proper equipment with you, such as a set of Piscifun reels and you will be set.

Fishing on the Pedernales River

Pedernales RiverIf you happen to travel to the Texas Hill Country, don’t forget to pay a visit to this excellent fly fishing destination. From its springs located in Kimble County to the point where it meets the Colorado River, the Pedernales River measures around 100 miles. For the perfect fishing spot, head over to Pedernales Falls State Park which is excellent for fishing and camping. Many anglers come here to catch carp, catfish, and bass. The scenery is pretty amazing, and you will love the cascading waters and the beautiful limestone exposed by the fast-moving river. Be aware of floods, as they are quite a common occurrence here.

Lampasas River Fishing

Fishing on the Lampasas RiverSituated among rolling hills at the west end of Hamilton County, this river is well known for its scenery as well as the opportunities it offers for fly fishing. The banks are populated by thick vegetation, and for most of the year, you will notice that the water remains at low levels. Also, in some areas, the river is rather narrow, so many trees are growing close to the water and their branches hang low.

As for the fish you can catch here, the Lampasas River is ideal for smallmouth bass, perch, and sunfish. Because you can enjoy fishing here at any time of the year, it is perfect for winter vacations, just as the others mentioned so far.

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