A Fun Filled Adventurous Trip To Lajitas Golf Resort

We hadn't been to our favorite resort in a couple years, so we decided to head west and have some fun in the thriving metropolis of Lajitas with a population of 75 and where the notorious Henry Clay III (a beer drinking goat) was elected mayor for several years in the 1980s. Obviously, Lajitas and it's neighbor Terlingua (best known for the Terlingua Chili Cook off, Terlingua Ghost Town, and Jerry Jeff Walker and the Lost Gonzo Band's hit song "Viva Terlingua!") are not thriving metropolises but they are a lot of fun to visit because:

  • Lajitas Golf ResortLajitas is home for the Lajitas Golf Resort which is loaded with fun activities, great lodging, the top rated golf course in Texas, and some good food and service - read our 10 reasons why you should visit Lajitas Golf Resort
  • you'll be close to Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park which have lots of hiking and biking trails, campsites, and stunning scenery
  • Terlingua is home to a few hundred very interesting folks who came there to get away from it all, a walking tour through the Ghost Town and Cemetery, the historic Starlight Theater for good food and music, and lots more interesting stuff to see and do
  • you can white water river raft through towering 1500' sheer cliffs, rent ATVs and have fun in the desert, ride bikes or hike on plenty of trails, hunt for sheep, go on a sunrise horseback ride with mimosas or take a drive on what's labeled one of America's most scenic drives

Rafting Santa Ellana CanyonRiding ATVs in Lajitas Scenic Drive out of Lajitas

Junction Golf CourseLajitas is an 8 hour drive from Austin, so we broke up the trip by stopping in Junction, Texas to spend the night and play golf at Junction Golf Course. The course was built by some volunteers in 1927 and they did a commendable job considering the fact that they didn't have a lot of golf course building experience or money. Junction Golf Course is scenic with rolling hills, a variety of trees, the bottom lands of Cedar Creek, several small ponds, and towering bluffs including Lovers Leap where ages ago two young Indians leaped off the cliff because they weren't allowed to get married! The conditions aren't the best but the rates are reasonable and any course with a tee box and green is fun from our perspective. Read our review of Junction Golf Course.

Live music at Thirsty Goat SaloonAfter checking into our room in the Calvary Post at Lajitas Golf Resort, we sat on the porch overlooking the golf course, sipped a cold beer, and planned what to do during the rest of our stay. One of my top priorities is always a good meal and a margarita which meant we immediately headed over to the Thirsty Goat Saloon at the Resort. Enjoyed the meal and Ted Arbogast, a very entertaining local singer songwriter.

I may have also enjoyed a couple too many margaritas because when I tried to put my golf ball on the tee the next morning, I almost fell over. When I finally got the ball to stay on the tee and got ready to swing, I didn't know which of the two balls to hit. So I swung, missed, swung again and dribbled the golf ball 30 yards down the fairway, and told my wife to stop laughing at me! After a couple Tylenol and Advils I was finally able to hit the ball and enjoy the next 17 holes! Black Jack's Crossing at Lajitas Golf Resort is Texas Outside's top rated golf course and it is listed as the second best course you can play in Texas by Golfweek in 2019. The golf course is very unique, scenic, and a blast to play and you won't find anything like it anywhere else in Texas - read our review of Black Jack's Crossing to learn why you need to add this course to your bucket list!

Black Jack's Crossing

Band at Voices for Both SidesPlaying in the river at Voices for Both SidesAs were playing golf high in the mountains we kept hearing music - first some Mexican music then some classic rock and roll. And this went on for our entire round. When we asked the head pro what it was, he stated that it was called "Voices from Both Sides." So we grabbed our cooler with beer and followed the sound of the music to the Rio Grande River. Since 2012, people have banded together, literally, for a day of music and fun on the Rio Grande River. Musicians grab their instruments and set up a bandstand at the edge of the US side of the Rio Grande River a mile from Lajitas. Mexicans do the same thing on the Mexican side of the river near the tiny Mexican village of Paso Lajitas. The bands take turns swapping songs, the fans dance, drink beer, and swim in the river. And finally both sides hold hands in friendship and meet in the Rio Grande River.

Voices from both sides

The next day we decided to take the Lajitas zipline tour - and we loved it. They have four different tours and much to my chagrin the wife signed us up for the most extreme and adrenalin pumping tour that includes 4 ziplines that are long, high above the ground, and fast. I had visions of having to hike up some rugged mountains with the zipline harness bouncing against my gonads pushing them up into my stomach; being afraid of jumping off the platform; and then either zipping into and knocking down our guide at the end of first zipline or not making it to the end of platform and taking 20 minutes to pull myself hand-over-hand to the platform - and then doing that again 3 more times. But none of that happened and we had a fun, scenic, and fast zipline ride without having to walk at all! Read all about our Zipline Tour at Lajitas Golf Resort.

Lajitas Zipline

After our morning zip we headed 12 miles down the road:

  • to explore Terlingua
  • have lunch at High Sierra Bar & Grill
  • take a stroll through the graveyard and check some of the art work in and around Terlingua

Art work in TerlinguaArt work in TerlinguaArt work in Terlingua

  • check out "Passing Wind" which is a residence with a pirate ship, a sand-locked submarine tower, and the Statue of Liberty
  • play dominoes and have a beer at the cool La Kiva (kiva is a room used by Puebloans for religious rituals and political meetings and most are square-walled and underground) which is a decades-old watering hole, restaurant, and music venue that’s been popular with generations of tourists and locals alike and feels like you're in a cave
  • check out the white tipis and bubble lodging in the middle of the desert - turns out it is glamping at Basecamp Family Campground

La KivaPassing WindBubble lodging at Basecamp

  • have dinner and enjoy some live music at Starlight Theater & Saloon
  • then stop back by High Sierra Bar & Grill to catch a set of live music and finally top off the evening with a Baileys and a great singer songwriter

Starlight Theater bandMusic at High SierraSinger at the Thirsty Goat Saloon

I'm glad I wasn't playing golf after that full day and evening - I would have seen 4 balls on the tee and missed them all! As it was I slept in and got up just in time to stuff my face at the breakfast buffet! After breakfast, we asked the Lajitas Resort Director what to do next and she said:

  • take some scenic hikes in Big Bend - done that!
  • rent an ATV in Terlingua - done it also!
  • take the scenic drive to Presidio - too far and we've done the most scenic part of that drive!

Hike to Santa Elena Canyonatvs in terlinguaScenic drive out of Lajitas

  • Rafting the Rio Granderide bikes on the trails - too hot!
  • want to try skeet shooting or the combat shooting course - not the way I'm feeling today and we've done it!
  • the river's a little too low but you can take a slow rafting trip - done that to!
  • how 'bout a horseback ride - no way, last time I rode I couldn't walk for a week!
  • want to hunt some sheep - no, I'm still seeing double and wouldn't know which one to aim at!
  • want to go swimming in our pool - I forgot the sun tan lotion!
  • I got it, why not go paddle boarding on the Rio Grande River - before I could say how about bird watching, the wife said "great, let's do it!"

So the wife grabbed me by the collar and drug me down to boardwalk to the paddle boarding office. Within 5 minutes after arriving, we had two SUPs (stand up paddle boards) loaded on the ATV and were heading to the Rio Grande River. I had visions of the movie Deliverance, 5 foot rapids, Mexican cartel members trying to sell us drugs or grab our wallets, and visions of floating down the river all the way to the Gulf of Mexico! Of course none of that happened and we had a blast - read about our paddle boarding trip at Lajitas Golf Resort.

Paddleboarding the Rio Grande River in Lajitas

It seemed like we just got to Lajitas and it was time to start heading home to Austin. Of course we can only drive 3 to 4 hours, which means we spent the night in Sonora and the next morning played the Sonora Golf Course. Another nine hole course that's struggling to stay alive and keep the course in playable condition. We were pleasantly surprised - pretty good conditions, somewhat scenic, and some fun holes. Read our review of Sonora Golf Course to learn more.

Sonora Golf Course

We arrived home tired, sun burned, and ready to go back to Lajitas Golf Resort again.

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