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Bishop's Palace

The Bishop's Palace, Galveston, TexasOriginally known as Gresham's Castle, the home was erected in 1886 at an estimated cost of $250,000 by Colonel Walter Gresham, a wealthy Galveston attorney. Designed ny a well-known architect, Nicholas Clayton, it is built from native Texas granite, white limestone and red sandstone, all cut and shaped on the premises. Many rare woods, like rosewood, satinwood, white mahogony, American oak and maple were used for the interior, hand-carved woodwork. Massive sliding doors are unique in that the wood surface on each side of the door matches the room it faces.

To see more rare items and treasures visit The Bishop's Palace at 1402 Broadway or call for information at 409-762-2475.

School teachers and such are encouraged to contact the city of Galveston with their corrections.