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Glen Rose Calendar of Events 1999
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General Information -

This extremely popular Texas tourist town began as a trading post in 1849 located at a picturesque spot on the Paluxy River, just above its confluence with the Brazos River. In 1872 the town was incorporated and received its name for a small glen and the abundance of wild roses found there. Thus was the beginning of Glen Rose, on its way to becoming the seat of Somervell County. Glen Rose became a popular health resort, much like the towns' neighbor
Mineral Wells, during the 1920s and 1930s. During this same time Prohibition outlawed the production and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Providing an excellent hiding place, the woods around town sheltered a prosperous moonshine business, making Glen Rose the "Whiskey Woods Capital" of Texas.

Like any good Texas town, Glen Rose has a few curiosities in its closet. Legend has it, they say, that in the 1870s a dying citizen named John St. Helen confessed that he was really John Wilkes Booth. However, instead of conveniently dying, the poor man recovered, and then found it convenient to kill himself. Witnesses who claimed to have had intimate knowledge of John Wilkes Booth came forward and identified marks on the body of the dead John St. Helen as identical to those on the body of the infamous assassin of Lincoln. Of course, like any good Texas town, nothing of a scandalous nature has happened since then.

In a state full of interesting and intriguing small towns, Glen Rose is one of the more fun and interesting of them all. The area around here quite plainly illustrates its history from the age when dinosaurs ruled the earth to the Nuclear age. Visitors can see 100-million-year-old Dinosaur tracks in Dinosaur Valley State Park and after that drive over to the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.

When you find yourself in Glen Rose, you'll see you have many choices for things to do, from learning about the area's history — dating back to the fossil era — to enjoying a spectacular stage production about the life of Jesus Christ - to visiting one of the world's largest nuclear power plant.

All together, Glen Rose is one of the great destinations in Texas.

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