57 Holes On My 57th

Well, you can call me a wuss, a weinie, a sissy boy, a pansy, and perhaps worst of all, a fair weather golfer.  That’s right I have whimped out.  I had planned to have 600 Texas courses played by August 2010 and was on schedule to make it, but something happened that I had not accounted for in my planning.  A 111 degree heat index, every day for two months, and then it cooled down in September to a measly 96 degrees.  I played the Greenbrier Club Championship in August and it looked like I had jumped in the swimming pool (I probably should have) and it was at that point that I remembered why I don’t play the Houston area in the summertime.  It is so hard to focus on your game when you are miserable. Also my diabetes medicine causes me to be susceptible to dehydration and I don’t need another ambulance ride to the hospital.  I vowed not to play until the temperature was nearer to my handicap.

I have played sparingly with a couple of tournaments in September but it has been over three months since I have played a new course.  I lost my pretty swing and replaced it with swing faults that have caused a severe challenge to my scrambling ability.  My boss, whom I have helped with his swing was now trying to help me. I explain that it is just lack of playing time and I will find it again.

I  turned 57 years old on Saturday, the 25th of September, 2010. I decided to get my manliness back, so I made arrangements at Greenbrier to play 57 holes. This is a new personal record as I had only played 54 holes in one day several times over the years.  On the way to the course the Golfmobile had a birthday of sorts.  It turned 200K.  Don’t make fun of my Golfmobile, it is highly trained in finding golf courses that even I can’t find.  I was in Corpus Christi once without any knowledge of the surroundings. I ask it to find me a course and it took me straight to the Corpus Christi Country Club. 

Anyway, I started the day at 10:20 AM and it was quite crowded.  I only managed to play 15 holes and made a decision to start over with the 12:30 PM group and play the last three holes later.  There were only 3 people including me and it looked like rain. There was thunder in the area and it ran a lot of people off the course. We managed to play 9 holes in a lot of wind in only one hour.  We went to the clubhouse and I waited out the rain for another hour.  The rain finally passed and the course soaked it up pretty good so I started to play again.  By the way Greenbrier is in excellent shape, especially for this time of year - 11 inches of rain tends to do that.

The course was now empty and I could play my normal fast speed.  I finished up the front nine and that left two back nines and six holes to complete the 57.  My pretty swing was now back - slow down your backswing, dummy, tempo was the problem. I told you I would get it back! And I was getting a lot of tap in pars. When I hit the 18th hole, I decided to play 10,11,12 and finish the three holes that I had skipped earlier.  I played 24 holes in the time a friend played nine - I am fast.  I finished the 57th hole at 5:30pm. I wasn’t very tired, I shot 11 over par, and my good swing was intact.  Ahh….. It’s good to be back!                            

The Restless Golfer

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