Pine Spring Golf Course63 Holes Of Golf In One Day!

I was going to take a new job so I decided to get some golf in before I started back to work.  There was supposed to be a cold front coming with rain so I had to hurry.  I headed to Tyler and found a motel so I could get an early start.  There were a couple of twosomes ahead of me (dew sweepers) at 7am at the Pine Springs Golf Course

I made quick work of them and quickly started playing at my pace.  Pine Springs is a nice course with good greens and a reasonable price.  There are plenty of trees, water, traps and contour changes. It not a hard course to play and I had an enjoyable round.  I finished at 9am which is my cruise control pace of play - two hours for 18!

view at ArrowheadMy next conquest was also in Tyler called Arrowhead Golf Club.  I had been warned to avoid this course, but I had a blast.  When I arrived at the entrance I drove over an unhooked cable and drove 100 feet straight up a hill - I wasn’t sure my truck would make it.  I went to the clubhouse which Arrowhead Pro Shopwas a trailer and triggered an alarm which kept saying “you are trespassing.” There was a sign on the door that said the course was closed for maintenance Monday thru Friday but call this phone number if you wanted to play. I did and two maintenance workers showed up to take my money and give me a cart.  For only $15 you can get a thrill ride on the cart paths as they are steep and winding and some places are in disrepair. 

It is very difficult to determine exactly how far and where to hit your drives.  The fairways are definitely not level and your ball may and most likely will bounce into trouble.  The greens are unputtable at this time so I used the automatic two putt rule once I was on the green.  There is used equipment scattered around the course just off the fairways, such as two back hoes, a dump truck, a bulldozer, and a pavement roller - some have trees growing up through them.  The maintenance workers were mowing which means that they were trying to keep the course somewhat manicured. A couple of more players also showed up to play.  The views and scenery were outstanding.

Longview Golf Course

I left, got me a burger and drove to Longview to the Longview Country Club.  They were starting a 1 PM tournament so they sent me start on the back nine. This is a relatively short course with trees and beaucoup oil wells on the course.  There was one spot with about five pumper jacks running and it sounded as if they were singing.  I went nuts on this course because the greens were excellent.  I had 5 bogies, 7 pars, 5 birdies and 1 eagle.  That was a lot of fun.

With three holes to go I caught the 1 PM group. I was then introduced to the owner of the course, Buster Cupit, and it turns out that Buster and his brother Frank used to play with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. There are pictures all over the clubhouse to prove it. I was also told that Lee Trevino had never beaten Buster in several tries.  I talked to the 85 year old Buster and he was very cordial and asked if I was that guy playing all those courses in Texas. I said yes and that I was going to keep at it until I had played them all and when that happened I would just wait until they built the next one.  He told me he liked my attitude and I got him to autograph my scorecard.  I also met his daughter and grandson, what a nice family.  I highly recommend you drop by and play this course and meet the family.

Oaklawn Club HouseI tried to find a small course called Cherokee County Golf Association but missed it (my golfmobile found it the next day) so I went to Tatum and turned left and headed toward Marshall. It was at this point that I started cramping up in the leg, hip and lower back. I found the Oak Lawn Golf Course and told them I thought I had nine more in me but I was wrong. I was still whopping the ball but had little control over the direction. The course is wide open and not that hard but I made it very demanding based on my poor play. I finished and sat down to rest with a couple of the locals and they recommended The Challenge at Cypress Hills before I left the area. I found a motel and used the hot shower method to ease the pain and it worked.  I did it - 63 holes in a day!

I woke up and the cold front and rain had not hit so I headed for The Challenge at Cypress Hills and got there at 8 AM ready to play.  The maintenance crew started me on the back because of watering on the front and for the most part my swing was back and I wasn’t hurting.  Holes 11 and 12 are on the east side of the course and you could see just how close a fire came to the fence line.  This course is NICE.  Trees, wildlife, traps, water, doglegs, elevation changes, extremely smooth greens and a friendly staff.  All the Challenge courses are owned by David Carlisle.  He goes around buying up courses and fixing them up. He’s got my vote for golf course fixer upper of the year. David has created the Azalea Golf Trail which includes 7 of his courses in east Texas - give it a try, all of the courses are fun to play.

Cypress Hills Golf Hole. Cypress Hills Golf CourseCypress Hills Fire damage at Cypress Hills Golf Course

When I reached my last hole at The Challenge at Cypress Hills, the cold front blew in and it dropped 20 degrees instantly.  To quote Minnie Pearl “I’m Through Playing Now!”  

The Tankster

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