700 Golf Courses Played in Texas

Crown Colony Golf CourseI finally made it to my 700th course to play in Texas and I decided to play one of the best I could find, so I chose Crown Colony Golf Course in Lufkin Texas.  I had several courses in the works to play and they were coming up very quickly so it was a now or never situation.  Somehow, someway, Karma kicked in and I received a notice on the computer for one half off at Crown Colony!  My goodness this was great. The timing was phenomenal and I was ready.  I had originally planned for this course to be my 600th but something else came up but this was just as good a spot for it.

I called my friend Robert Krug from the Dallas area and we decided that we needed to play quickly because the weather might change. I left Waco at four in the morning so I could get there early.  I had made a tee time for 10 o’clock but I wanted to make sure that nothing interfered.  I drove into Lufkin as the sun was rising and my phone rang.  It was my friend Robert Krug and he was calling to tell me he had gotten sick and was unable to come.  I didn’t let this get me down and drove over to the course and I was one of the first people there.  

I walked into the clubhouse when it opened and introduced myself and made a statement that this was course 700.  They were extremely courteous and seemed to care about me.  They said I was the first discount coupon that they had received and they would put it up special.  Instead of a 10 o’clock tee time they let me go out first.  I got out just ahead of the dew scrapers (first out groups) and what a course.  I was driving the ball well and getting on the green or just off it, every time.   My putting, well it was hard to get used to the speed and curves and it pretty much ate me alive. I didn’t care though because this course was beautiful and I was thoroughly impressed.  I went into a zone and was completely satisfied at playing on this piece of beauty. 

Crown Colony Golf Course

I went into the clubhouse to tell them how much I had enjoyed playing at their wonderful course and they informed me that I wasn’t through yet.  I was instructed to go to the restaurant and get a cheeseburger, fries and a drink as part of the deal.  Wow, was it ever good!  These people were great and invited me to come back at anytime.  I heard back from Robert about a week later and he had played it and had nothing but good things to say about it too.

Crown Colony Golf CourseCrown Colony Golf Course

This course is always rated in the top three in the State of Texas and I can certainly see why.  I suggest that if you have the chance, this course become your must play course, especially if there is a discount.  You will not go wrong by your friends in choosing this beauty as a must play course.  Thank you Crown Colony.

 Crown Colony Golf CourseCrown Colony Golf Course;

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