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The Colonial Country Club - I finally got to play it!

Okay, I have done it!  I have played what I consider to be the top course on my list of Texas courses to play, the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth.  The rich tradition, the layout, the condition and the ambiance are just incredible.  I have been to the top of the mountain…..and the view was great! 

Back in the spring, my boss Damon came up to me and said that he had a friend that could get us on Colonial and would I like to go.  After I wiped the drool off my mouth I managed to tell him that course was numero uno on the list.  Out of the 900+ courses in Texas that was the one I wanted most.  Yes I will go with you and I will pay the premium.  Things like the stars and planets did not line up for the spring or the summer, so I patiently waited until the first of October when he came in and said pick one of these dates.  The last week in October or the middle of November were available so I picked Tuesday the 26th of October and waited patiently, but didn’t hear anything.  On the 18th Damon came in and said I’ve got some bad news …….We have to go play Colonial on Wednesday the 27th.  After I picked myself up off the ground I quickly started rearranging my schedule and trading work dates.

I received a phone call from Lark Smith on the 21st for an emergency golf game on the 23rd.  He wanted me to play the New White Bluff course at 10.30am. Since I hadn’t played the New Course and I hadn’t played a new course in four months I figured this would be a great warm up for Colonial. More schedule rearranging and I played well shooting an 81 on their bent grass greens not too much different than what I was about to play.  I declared myself ready and worthy of playing the Mecca of Texas golf courses.

Colonial Golf CourseWednesday finally got here and Damon and his friend Jay picked me up at 6:30am in Waco and we were off. We made the mandatory stop in West to get kolaches for breakfast. We arrived at Colonial at about nine and checked in.  The weather was absolutely perfect for golf, which is extremely rare when an Colonial Wall of Championsouting is planned in advance. I was trying not to drool all over myself (or any other unsightly body functions) and was having a difficult time trying to control my excitement.  We met Allen who was our host and headed to the driving range. Allen is a PGA instructor at TangleRidge and does he ever have a pretty swing. 

Our tee time came and we headed to number one.  The starter took our picture at the Wall of Champions and we teed off.  I hit a drive right down the middle and took a sigh of relief.  We played from the men’s tees and I played the ball down with no mulligans. I had three double bogies and one triple but I didn’t care.  One hole after my triple I hit a perfect drive with a good approach shot and then sank a curling twenty footer. That was a lot better and we were now on number eight, a par three.  I got out a rescue 4 wood for a 180 yard shot…… and left it ½ inch from the hole.  Now I am in la la land - Who’s day is it to watch over Tank?   Damon,  Allen and Jay were getting a big kick out of just watching how excited I was to play on this magnificent course.
There was water and drinks in an ice chest about every four holes. The fairways were like butter, no need to worry about ripping your shoulder out of joint here.  The greens were like hitting into putty and were so smooth.  The huge trees, deep sand traps and water would gather errant shots but good shots were rewarded.  The staff was outstanding and very friendly.  They made you feel like it was okay for you to be there and the members would smile and were courteous. 

Me and Ben Hogan

We finished up 18 and headed for the clubhouse - I had shot an 82. Damon and Jay had gotten some large numbers on some holes, but both had hit a lot of good shots and Damon got a birdie.  Allen had several birdies and had a great score - maybe I should get some lessons from him?  At the pro shop they made us take another picture at the Wall of Champions because the first one didn’t turn out.  We all bought a shirt and met more of the staff, and then it was time to go home.  You could not wipe the smile off my face and Damon said I had a glow for about a week.  Any time he mentions Colonial I get that grin all over again.  If you have the opportunity to play Colonial, do not turn it down.  It is worth every penny and every moment. 

I am happy. Very Happy!

The Tankster



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