Golf Milestones 553, 554, 555, & 556

I like milestones - they tell you where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. Milestone 555 is easy to explain as it is three numbers the same (I’m not superstitious) and on Friday the 13th I played my 556 Texas golf course - okay I lied, I am superstitious. So what is so special about the other two? Well I can explain by recalling the events that happened at each.

I was about to go stir crazy from not having played a new course in four months. I was in transition between my old job and my new one which will give me many more opportunities to play golf and decided to make a run up to the Mesquite area. I ended up at Mesquite's municipal course (read Texas Outside's review of Mesquite Golf Club) and they gladly took my money and then promptly informed me of the cart path only rule, since it had rained recently. I got hooked up with a threesome - two older gentleman (70ish) and another about my age (50ish). I don’t know why but I was just on that day. I apologized for my constant banter (Lee Trevino style) and they said it was a pleasure to watch me work that golf ball into the cup. Then the 50ish guy dangled his little finger and said “Do you see this, I would gladly give it up to be able to hit the ball the way you do!” Dang, I must have played better than I thought. Anyway, the way I figure it, my last shot on 18 must have been #999,999. Why? Because I then headed over to Town East Executive Golf Course and low and behold……….
Mesquite Golf Club

Aced this one hole at the Executive CourseYou guessed it…..A hole in one on my first shot! Never mind that it was only 75 yards to the hole, I really don’t care. The dang thing went in the hole, in one swing. This was my first hole in one after thousands of attempts and 26 years of trying. I started hollering “I need a witness!” I was right next to the clubhouse and the pro and another guy told me “You drive around the lake and pick it out of the hole and we’ll watch and then we’ll sign it for you!” I don't know about you but my biggest fear has always been that there would not be anyone anywhere on the course to validate my hole in one if I ever did get one! I don’t even remember much about the rest of the course because I was so excited about that one shot. I had a feeling I was getting close because I had dropped in an eagle from 160 yards on the par four, number ten this spring at Fort Bend Country Club. I did it again from 120 yards at Hilltop Lakes in a tournament this summer, but this hole in one felt much better! Yes I will be framing the ball and I will remember 11/02/09.

#555 was a nice round number so I wanted to play a nicer course. I picked a good one called Blaketree National, northwest of Houston and near Montgomery. The fairways were wide and like carpet. The scenery was beautiful and the price was very reasonable. The staff was friendly. I played a decent round but I decided to play #18 from the back tee, simply because it was 660 yards, and I wanted to see if I could make the green in three. I blasted a driver, hit a three wood to 160, and then hit a 6 iron and bounced it on to three feet. I made my only birdie of the day!  Read Texas Outside's Review of Blacktree National Golf Course to learn more about this great course. Check out this review of Blaketree National's Stay & Play package.           


My first hole in one

I then headed to Humble to try to find a lighted course, but I had no luck. I headed north on hwy 59 and ate a pizza in Splendora. I was told there were some motels in Cleveland so I pointed the golf mobile north again. I found a cheap motel called the Budget Inn. The chain lock was broken but the door lock worked and I seemed to be the only one there. I went to sleep until there was a knock on the door at 2:30 am that scared the heck out of me. I said “who is it?” and a voice came from outside “its Lisa, I am having car trouble”. Uh, oh, reds flags started going up everywhere! Now I carry personal protection that I don’t ever want to use, but I was sure glad I had it with me at this time. I looked out the window and saw she was alone. I opened the door and she said “can I have $5”. My head was on a swivel looking for trouble. She said “me and my boyfriend had a fight and my car is out of gas and I put gas in it and the HEB pumps across the street won’t take my card and I am soooo sorry for waking you!.”  I gave her $5 still leery of the situation and she left. I sure hope I was a Good Samaritan and not almost a victim or crime statistic. Needless to say I could not sleep a wink for the next three hours.

Texas National Golf Club

I got up and headed toward Willis in the dark. I arrived at Texas National Golf Course just as they were opening for the day. The staff was very friendly and the price was very reasonable. I beat the local foursome to the tee and had some pleasantries with them and I was first off for the day. The entire round was played with dew on the ground and fog in the air. This course is tight and up, down and around, but you can make birdies, and it has a lot of fun holes. I finished my round and the foursome that I chatted with earlier was in the clubhouse having just finished the front nine. They could not believe how fast I played 18 and I told them I had even taken my time and took some pictures, hit a couple extra balls, and enjoyed the scenery. Nice course - read this review of Texas National Golf Club.

I was still a little upset from my ordeal so I decided that was enough golf for the day, besides, my niece was in a playoff volleyball game in Garland. I headed up IH45 and arrived ok, but I could not find the Special Events Center. I put my GPS on Firewheel and went in to ask directions. You can usually count on golfers to come through. I found the place as the game was starting. They lost so I grabbed my wife and mother-in-law and headed into downtown Dallas and had to fight the Friday afternoon traffic halfway to Waco. I could have walked faster. We finally got back to Waco and I dropped off the mother-in-law and went home. It was just another typical couple of days off for the Restless Golfer. Oh yeah, how many miles did I travel………..555 of course!   

The Tankster - AKA The Restless Golfer  


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