Golf Insanity

 54 Holes, Three Courses In Three Cities In One Day!

Well if looks like I have outdone myself for doing something crazy. I have taken it too far, going beyond the bounds of sanity, stepping over the line and into the nether world. It’s too late for me but maybe this warning will save someone else from falling into the same black hole that is called compulsive obsession. Also take heed that lack of sleep will dull the senses. Now on with the story.

Lone Cedar Golf Course I left Waco in the golf mobile at 3am, 11/27/09 (the day after Thanksgiving) heading toward Abilene. There was an unusually high amount of traffic for this time of morning until I realized it was Black Friday and that there were actually people running around with an affliction like I do,  only their affliction was to shop till they drop. During the long dark drive, I missed the usual deer, raccoon, skunk, and rabbits and arrived at Lone Cedar Country Club in Eastland before sunrise. I counseled myself and decided to spend the extra hour of dark by driving on into Abilene since I had no idea what time Lone Cedar opened. Don’t worry I’ll go back and play it, (it’s on the "gotta play" list). When I arrived in Abilene my GPS stopped working. Oh dear, I had to rely on the old Texas Golf Bible which has bailed me out many a time. I found Maxwell Golf Course in Abilene and I saw this pretty course through the fence.
Lone Cedar Golf Course

Somehow the course I was playing didn’t look like what I had seen when I had arrived. Still Maxwell Golf Course is a good municipal which is so flat it is ideal to walk. There are beau coup mesquite trees and several doglegs. When I got to the 10th hole (which I birdied) I realized that the course I had seen was the Abilene Country Club. I asked the attendant if it was hard to get on the Country Club and he informed me that indeed it was (it’s now on the "gotta play" list). I finished 18 holes in a little over 2 hours and found out how to reset my GPS and headed over to Tangle Oaks in Hawley to sneak in another 18.

When I arrived at Tangle Oaks, I introduced myself to the lady behind the counter and said I wanted to play 18 holes in under 2 hours, she said that I would not be able to play that fast on this course (she didn’t know about me). I went through a fivesome and a sixsome at a blistering pace. The course was tight and the name Tangle Oaks fit perfectly. There were lot of doglegs and beautiful colors this time of year. It also started to get windy. Then I found myself on a hole next to an adjoining fairway with a threesome, one of which happens to be a good looking young woman (not that I notice stuff like that).  I took the time to watch her swing and it was a thing of beauty. Long, slow and smooth. Hmmm, maybe I should try to swing like that! Low and behold I started throwing darts. Thanks good looking lady, I needed that. I finished at 1:15pm and headed for Sweetwater.

Maxwell Golf Course
Windmills in the back ground of Lake Sweetwater Golf Course

I went to the counter at Lake Sweetwater Municipal at 1:50 and ask the lady if I could play. She asked 9 or 18, (when will they learn) and I said I would like to try 18. She made me a ham and cheese sandwich and boy did it taste good. This is an old, (WPA) short course but it has some great holes. Ups and downs, doglegs and water carries. It was kind of fun and I’m not sure, but I think I was starting to wear down a little.

I finished with an hour of daylight left so I went over Sweetwater Country Club to scout it. They said come by anytime and play (it’s now on the list). I headed to Merkel to collect a scorecard since they have changed its name (its not on the list, I have already played it) and then headed to their football field. Garden City was playing Throckmorton in six man football playoffs. It was a packed house and luckily I took a sleeping bag because that wind blows cold out there. I have seen a lot of six man in my time and this was without question the best game I have ever seen. It was 62-60 at halftime and ended with Garden City winning 84-80. I drove home (stopping occasionally to walk around and stay awake) and arrived at home at 2:00am. Ahhh, three courses in three towns, fifty four holes and a football game in late November. I may not be the only one that does this kind of thing but I may be the only one that actually likes it. Yes I am nuts, but a happy nut.

The Tankster - AKA "The Restless Golfer"


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