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One Man Scramble

A One Man Scramble!  What the heck is that?  Well, another first for the Tankster. I took the opportunity to play in my first one man scramble at Port Lavaca’s Hatch Bend Country Club for thirty five dollars, which included a hamburger lunch. I do not have an established handicap so I played as a three and one of the rules is that you got to subtract 25% of your handicap, which didn’t help me much - how do you subtract three quarters of one stroke!

In a One Man Scramble, you can hit an extra ball on any shot, but you don’t have too.  I was driving the ball extremely well so I would save myself by not hitting extra drives. I had three bogeys because the wind was ferocious but I also had five birdies using that same wind. I played with the superintendent, Rex Regan and a younger gentleman named Matt Morgan (not the wrestler on TNA Wrestling). I had them fooled into thinking that I was a very good putter.  Matt could smash it, but I could occasionally take him. I drove the number 10 green at 343 yards (bragging again) and had another eagle putt on a 5 par.

Even with all that, I didn’t win but I did have a great time and will do it again. I suggest you try a One Man Scramble because it will show you where your game has the potential to be. Oh, and just because it says One Man Scramble doesn’t mean there were no women. In fact, it was a woman that suggested this tournament format from having played them at Hico, Tx.  It was packed!  Go out and have some fun.

Tank "The Restless Golfer"

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