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If you are interested in Texas Golf, then you're going to love this section which is loaded with interesting, unusual, entertaining, and informative articles on golf in Texas. You'll find articles about golf courses, golf vacations, ghost golf courses, and many more.

Contributing to this section is Steve "Tank" Tankersly (AKA the Restless Golfer) who has set a personal goal to play every course in Texas. And he is getting close to that goal having played over 500 Texas courses. Not only has he played 500 courses, but he has an incredible ability to recall something about every single one he has played - unbelievable. And if he hasn't played it, he can still usually tell you something about it.

Tank has been golfing since he was 30 and gained his nickname as the Restless Golfer shortly after he played golf in 5 states in one day! He is frequently on the road in search of another good course to play. He has written and contributed articles to Texas Golfer, been interviewed on TV, and has a number of other accomplishments to his credit.

Enjoy the articles and let us know what your think as well as some of your Texas golfing experiences. Click on the story's title to link direct to the article. The newest articles will be on top. Before you head out to play read this article on Tips to Become a Better Golfer.

Texas Golf Story Title & Summary

Finally, I Played The TPC Las Colinas - a dream comes true and not only that but it comes true with a deal that cut the price in half. The TPC Four Seasons in Las Colinas is well worth going out of your way for a round.
TPC Four Seasons  Las Colinas
700 Courses Played in Texas - finally, I made it to playing my 700th golf course in Texas and it was a beauty - Crown Colony in Lufkin. Wow, excellent conditions, first class service, and a blast to play. It's not surprising that Crown Colony is consistently rated one of the best in Texas.
Crown Colony Golf Course
63 Golf Holes Played In One Day - The Tankster did it and set a new golfing record of playing 63 golf holes in one day. I set off for East Texas and started playing at 7 and got four courses before I had to take a break. But the next morning I was back at it and played The Challenge at Cypress Hills before heading back home!
The Challenge at Cypress Hills
Unbelievable -#640 Was The Best Yet - I got luck and the 640th course I've played may be one of the best of Texas - Vaquero in Westlake. Didn't play that well but saw some stunning celebrity homes, hit ProV1s on the range, enjoyed the sliders, and the course was fantastic.
Vaquero Golf Course
Colonial Country Club - Wow, after all these years, hundreds of dreams about playing it, and the top course on my golf bucket list, I finally got an invitation to play the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth. And it took less than a second to say "When!" What an experience and one that I will remember for the rest of my life.
57 Holes On My 57th Birthday - What can get better than taking the Golfmobile and playing 57 holes on my 57th birthday. After a long layoff I was worried about my game and endurance, but I did it and ended the 57th holes 11 over par!

Father's Day Golfing Adventure - Let’s see now - 552 miles of driving, 45 holes of golf, 3 new courses in 3 towns, a 17 hour day, and I really wasn’t that tired.  Yep, it’s just another typical golf day in the adventures of the Tankster.

Lone Cedar Golf Course
A Ghost Golf Course Story - Steve's seen and played courses as they have gone through multiple stages of golf course life. He defines some of the stages (Mostly Dead, Phantom, Deceased, Ghost, Heavenly, and more) with examples of some of the Texas courses in these stages of life.
Dogwood Trails Back To Life as Pine Dunes Golf Course
One Man Scramble - ever heard of a One Man Scramble? It's alive and well and a lot of fun to play. Read this article to learn what it is.
Playing Golf With Sponge Bob - check out this article to see how much fun you can introduce into a round of golf with your buddies or complete strangers!
Sponge Bob Squarepants Golf Balls
Unusual, Odd, and Unique Texas Golf Courses - everyone has played some fun, challenging or scenic courses, but have you played any of these unusual, odd, and very unique Texas Golf Courses?
Periscope at Waterwood National
Playing 5 Courses in 5 Cities in One Day - you need to read this article just to verify that it's possible to play 5 courses in 5 different cities in one day. Now the question is why!
Texas Map
Short But Tall Texas Golf Tales - a collection of miscellaneous stories about golf in Texas including: Fire in His Club or let the "sparks fly;" what to expect when you head to West Texas to play in the heat, sand, and among all the varmints; and no telling who you might meet in Dairy Queen
Tom Fazio's new course in El Paso - Butterfield Trails
Funerals, Weddings, and Golf - the preacher said it was ok, so I started playing golf as a tribute to close friends who passed away. And when great shots were made, was it Divine Intervention?
Golfing In Texas Weather - if you've played much golf in Texas, one thing is for sure and it's not that you'll par a lot of holes, it's that you will play in some very diverse weather conditions. Some of the stuff that Tank has played in includes: hail storms, rain, ferocious winds, dust storms, and more. And rounds have been cancelled or postponed due to flooding, dew, lightening, and tornados.
Insanity - the "Tankster" does it again - hits the road at 3 AM to drive from Waco to Abilene and then proceeds to play 54 holes on three courses in three different cities. Not only did he amaze himself but also some of the pro shop attendees and numerous threesomes to fivesomes who said "wow, did you see that guy fly by us and nail the green!" After all that golf, he still had time to huddle in a sleeping bag on a blistering cold night watching six man football and a game that ended 84 to 80!
Maxwell Golf Course
Milestones - four milestone got broken this weekend and after playing almost all of the courses in Texas over the last 26 years, a major and one of the most import of all golf accomplishments was broken - a hole in one Town East Executive Golf Course. Plus I got to play Blaketree National, Mesquite Golf Club, and Texas National Golf Club - all of which are fun courses.
There's a Fish in the Pool! - a golfing excursion around West Texas playing several courses and getting written up in the local newspaper. But the highlight of the trip may have been what we found at the Rankin Golf Course and what used to be the club's swimming pool.

The Ultimate Restless Golf - a bio of Steve "Tank" Tankersley

My Bio, lets see now, married 35 years with two gorgeous daughters.  I work in the water/wastewater field. I went to a small school in central Texas where I played football and was a decent corner back /tight end and a very good punter. I was a unanimous choice for all district on my basketball team, and I liked basketball. I ran track my senior year and made it to regional in three events. Then there was baseball. I started hitting balls at two years old with my grandpa. I played for years and my hand /eye coordination was very good. Then I discovered softball! I played for sixteen years. I hit 749 home runs, helped win a state coed title and was selected “all tournament” at the state championships twice.

Was I a typical Texas braggart who was as cocky as the day was long? Well of course. The only reason I did stuff was so I could talk about it. I coached a lot of girls youth leagues activities. I discovered golf at age 30 and realized there were a lot more “old golfers” still playing than there were “old athletes”, so now golf is my hobby.  Yes I have won some tournaments and a lot of scrambles and no I am not good enough to take on the pros. I am however unique in what I have done. I can play fast, very fast indeed. My favorite thing to do is play a nine hole course and then move on to play another in the next town. I have played in as many as six in one day.

I got my title "Restless Golfer" because I played in five states in one day!The other unique difference is that I have played more than 500 courses in Texas. I have played outside the state a few times but my specialty is this huge expanse of Texas with over 900 courses available to play. Yes I enjoy talking about my adventures with anybody that will listen and occasionally my stories can be good! I guess my best attribute would be that since I have been to all 254 Texas counties looking for places to play,  I can talk Texan and golf with anybody from anywhere………. In Texas that is! Hope you enjoy my “Not so Tall Tales”.

The Restless Golfer - Steve Tankersley



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