Special K: Swishing Your Way To Success

Before you get to thinking this is an endorsement for a cereal commercial let me stop you right now. What I am giving you is a way for you to spell yourself to success on the links.In this case the letter " K" will come in quite handy.I like to use a lot of imagery when I am teaching whether here in the metroplex or all over the world.For example, I speak spanish fluently, but I don't speak the language of some of the countries I go to like Japan or Germany to name a few so I incorporate images in order to communicate a point to my students.Different words mean different things to different people so the universal language is seeing(visual). When you can get your message across to someone that doesn't speak your language you have succeded in delivering your point.

To play great golf I believe you learn to play by feel, and in order to feel I have students mimic my movements.This way your having fun and learning without over- complicating matters because I won't allow you to think too much which is a dangerous thing to do.Kids are the best at this because they learn by observing and just reacting to whatever your doing.Now I want you to grab your golf club and get setup like your going to make a swing.This exercise is called the Swish drill:Then, I want you to reverse the clubhead and grip portion of your club whereby you are now holding the club shaft near the hosel.Next, I want you to keep good flex in your knees as this is a powerful speed drill.As you can see in the photo I'm staying down and through the ball because my right foot is still firmly planted to the ground after impact which gives me great leverage.Please note in the photo that my forearms are rotating to the target line which means I have released the clubhead fully.

Once, you're braced and in your correct posture I want you to swing your arms back with the clubhead reversed.As you make your backswing maintain your posture just like you had on your initial setup.Now, on the downswing I want you to swing your forearms with full speed through to your target.If done properly you will hear a swishing sound after impact of where the ball would have been had you hit one.If you turn your shoulders first on your downswing then you'll hear a weak swish prior to impact which means your casting the club throwing away all that valuable power you had stored up.Do this 10-15 times for a couple sets and listen for the correct sound and you'll know exactly what I am talking about as it relates to your releasing your power through the ball, not to the ball.By the way it's an excellent workout for building strength and endurance.

The key ingredent here is to allow your legs as your going to the top of your backswing to form the letter K like in the alphabet.This Special "K" means that you have properly transfered your weight to load up your lower body to unleash a powerful spring-like effect pulling the club on the downswing.If your left knee doesn't get behind the ball slightly at the top of your swing then you might mis-fire prematurely.Having your lower body grounded combined with your arms swinging around your fixed foundation of your stance is what creates clubhead speed.On the downswing your legs will reform the letter 'K' again after you have hit the ball.With your legs pulling your arms you can really whip the clubhead through the ball with tremendous velocity.So along with your daily breakfast cereal for energy you might want to include a little special "K' in golfing diet.

Tom Ward can be reached at www.adventurousgolf.com