Bryan Nelson Statue Have you ever been sitting there, minding your own business, and all of a sudden a “must do” happens to pop up?  Yep, that is exactly what happened to me.  I’m sitting there playing on my computer and “wham” there was an invitation to play the Irving TPC.  The cost was at more than half price but it was still $125.  I don’t have that kind of money to be playing courses that cost that much, but….. I just couldn’t turn that kind of opportunity down.  I bought it and canceled everything for the next month.  I was going to play a “must play” and “by golly “ I was going to enjoy it.

I found a good day to play and headed toward Irving “High on the Hog.” I pulled into the place and was treated well.  They teamed me with two gentlemen that were pretty good and I actually appreciated that because I had to focus to play well.  Here I was on the course that the big boys play. What a thrill I was getting and such enjoyment I was having in this round.

This was definitely not the hardest course I have ever played and without all the bleachers a lot of holes were hard to recognize, and of course we were not at the back tees, but it still had several challenges.  I had two bad holes and the rest of them were pretty good so I was able to hold my own.  The condition of the course was good even though it was late fall.  This day was turning out to be everything I had imagined it would be and I was definitely happy about it.

TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas

The 17th hole was easy to recognize and I concentrated very hard and got it on the green and two putted for a par (yeah!).  I got to 18 and didn’t realize it had been changed drastically but I still had a par on it.  This course was on my must play list and yep, I just got to play on a legend and I loved it! 

TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas

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