Unique, Odd, & Unusual Courses in Texas

When it comes to playing a course that has something different in its character, I am addicted. Nothing will draw me faster than to find out that a course has a special hole, something out of the ordinary, or a unique moniker. I would like to site a few examples of some of the things that I have come across and I am sure that I will leave something out or simply have not played that course as of yet. Now I know that there are specialties all over the country but I’ll stick to what I know best, which is this great expanse they call Texas.

So here we go:

  • Did you know that the northernmost course that you can play in Texas is the Booker Country Club? The southernmost course in the United Ambush Golf Course - drive across the Rio Grande into MexicoStates is Fort Brown Municipal at Brownsville.
  • Ambush Golf Course in Lajitas has the only international hole in Texas - a par three that required a drive across the Rio Grande River into Mexico. Since you can't go get the ball, whoever is closest to the pin wins the hole and you can take any score you feel justified in giving yourself.
  • The highest elevation course in Texas is the Marfa Municipal at around 4500 feet.
  • Breckenridge Country Club has the only par 6 in Texas at 635 yards long, against the wind, out- of- bounds fence all the way down the left side and trouble all the way down the right side.  
  • New Oaks in Corsicana has 11 holes. When you play it twice, par is 83 - talk about ballooning your score.  Reeves County Golf Course in Pecos Texas also has 11 holes but they flood two holes each week to keep from losing them. This is without a doubt the hottest place I have ever played. 
  • Big Lake Country Club has 10 holes - one of the par 3s has one tee box with the green on the front to the north and the green on the back to the east.
  • Sterling City has only 6 holes - five par 3s and one par 4. Play it three times for an 18 hole round. The people there claim to have the most golf carts per capita as there will be 30 people in a scramble with 30 carts all driven across town from their homes. The Periscope At Waterwood National
  • Fun City, a par 3 at Grand Prairie has 17 holes - did somebody take one of them?
  • Pyote has only four holes. It is located in a city block with three greens in the corners and one green in the middle and there are seven tee boxes. Go any direction you want. Play the hole at 290 yards and then back to the same green at 45 yards.
  • Embassy Hills at Big Sandy has one hole with a 180 turn and banking that would make NASCAR proud, except for the fact it turns to the right.
  • Beacon Lakes at Dickinson has a regulation course that is fully lighted - regardless, you will lose some balls. Preston West Par 3 located in Amarillo is an 18 hole par 3 course with the exception of one par 4 and is fully lighted. 
  • Turtle Hill in Muenster has a par 3 #11 that is a canyon hole with a view into Oklahoma of about 30 miles.
  • Canadian Golf Club and Stratford Country Club each have a bell that you ring when you leave that fairway. Dalhart Country Club has a platform ladder on #10 to see if the group in front has cleared. Waterwood National at Huntsville has a tall periscope with mirrors to see if it is clear.
  • River Hills in Corpus Christi has a giant flag pole that is really a telephone tower. 
  • San Felipe Country Club at Del Rio has a giant spring in the middle of the course that makes for water hazards on every hole.
  • Danbury has a sign that says “Don’t even think about crossing this barrier into the landing strip” while at Carrizo Springs there is a hole with a sign that says “Do not tee off when planes are landing or taking off”.
  • At Franklin there is a tree registered with the Lady Bird Johnson Society or Foundation or whatever, it’s still a big old tree.
  • In Winters Texas they don’t have winter rules, they have Winters Rules.  When I played the course there was not a single blade of grass in the fairways, not even a weed to put your ball on. The white clay was surprisingly easy to hit off of though. 
  • Rocksprings and Mclean have the only sand greens left in the State. There is a strip of carpet across the middle with a string attached to the flagpole to measure how far to putt.
  • There are several courses that have names for their holes and I like that.

Now we come to a special course.  I would like to rate this one at the top of the uniqueness scale.  It is called Hidden Springs Golf Course and Double-B -Ranch Resort.  It is located at Harper, Texas which is just the other side (west) of Fredericksburg and Kerrville.  You will not hear the hustle and bustle of the city life out here.  You will however get to see some exotic animals and unusual background material for a golf course.  As you enter the course you will see that there are three cannons pointing at the green on a downhill par three. Hey, if the group in front is too slow, fire one of those babies off and I’ll bet you won’t be waiting anymore. You will also see what appears to be some sort of replica of Stonehenge. Draw your own conclusions because I haven’t a clue. On the backside #13 will freak you out as you look through the fence to see wallabies, kangaroo and exotic African birds - what happened? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? On hole #15 there is a strong dogleg left over a fence, which happens to hold some camels - dang, another wrong turn? There is a pair of trees on the first par five on the back that belong to Halloween (spooky).

Stonehinge at Hidden Springs Golf CourseCannons At Hidden SpringsExotic animals at Hidden Springs

This course has twists, turns, ups, downs, trees, bunkers, OBs, creeks, tanks, and cliffs plus good course conditions and a friendly staff. On a fun scale I rate this one extreme because you will be challenged and never know what you might see around the corner.  I suggest you get a room at the resort for the weekend. If you are really into golfing, play Lady Bird Johnson at Fredericksburg in the morning and back to Hidden Springs for an afternoon round. Play Hidden Springs the next morning and Scott Schreiner at Kerrville in the afternoon on your trip home. Believe me, this experience is worth the trip. The Tankster - AKA The Restless Golfer

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