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Unique Houston Adventures

Anybody can go to the Houston Zoo, the Houston Museums, and the other well known attractions, but why not check out some of these very unique and different Houston attractions and things to see?

Unique & Unusual Houston Attractions

Houston Unique Attractions
Attraction Description
Cross a moat and explore 40 acres with 6000 1/2 scale replicas of the Terra Cotta Warriors and more
An eight mile section of Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants where you can enjoy Dim Sum at several restaurants during the tour
David Adickes Sculptureworx Studio
Sculptures, some up to 20 feet tall of several former presidents
Features show cars that won Houston's annual Art Car Parade - cars decorated with everything you can imagine
Variety Fair 5 & 10
Little has changed since opening in 1948 - hair nets, penny candy, Teaberry Gum and lots more from past eras - 713 522-7722
One of the most bizarre examples of folk art with over 50,000 beer cans plastered around this unique house
A radio show flashback to yesteryears radio shows with lots of satire and short sketches
A 3000' structure that is a maze of stairs, steps, paths, pipes, rocks, wheels, statues, whirligigs, tractor seats, and more
An exotic collection of funeral stuff - hearses, crypts, a massive exhibit on the death of Catholic popes, and other related stuff
Texas Junk Company
This maze of items (experienced boots to wing nuts) defies organization and is indescribable - 713 524-6257