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Texas Kayaking, Canoeing, & Rafting

Kayak fishingTexas kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts have a wide range of choices to enjoy this great outdoor activity. With more than 3,700 named streams, 15 major rivers and some 3,300 miles of tidal shoreline along the Gulf Coast, Texas offers myriad opportunities for kayaking and canoeing adventures of all types. You have plenty of freshwater streams, rivers, and lakes to choose from and lots of choices for saltwater paddling. You can take lessons, guided trips, or go white water rafting. In Texas you can use your kayak or canoe for fitness and exercise, fishing, racing, or just a relaxing paddle down on one of the growing list on Texas paddling trails. On this page you'll find everything from kayak, canoe, or rafting adventures to kayak manufacturers. If you can't find a great place to kayak in Texas try the in Arkansas.

Siloam Springs

White Water Rafting

Texas Kayak Racing

Buffalo Bayou Regatta
Texas’ largest kayak and canoe race! This 15-mile canoe and kayak race is a great way to see Houston from a whole new angle.
Texas Water Safari A 262 mile canoe race from San Marcos, just south of Austin, to Seadrift, along the Gulf Coast.

Kayaking down a rapid on the Roaring Fork

Kayaking & Canoeing Resources

Fantastic Kayak Park
A hotspot for whitewater paddlers with a series of whitewater rapids and standing waves for kayakers
The Ultimate Kayaking Buying Guide A resource to help educate those interested in the steps to purchasing a kayak
Globo Surf Kayak Fishing Your complete resource for choosing a fishing kayak with reviews
Kayak & Canoe Rentals & Lessons Where to get rentals and lessons
25 Kayak Fishing Tips 25 kayak fishing tips to help you become a pro angler
Ten Great Paddling Spots Here is one list of some great paddling spots in the United States
10 Best Spots for Kayak Fishing Here are the best places to catch some fish in you kayak
Texas Kayak Fisherman The #1 source for your kayak fishing needs
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Kayaking
Tips and tricks that are going to make your kayaking experience enjoyable and fun
Southwest Paddler
Comprehensive resource for information related to outdoor recreation on and near the rivers, creeks and streams of Texas

Rafting the Rio Grande in Big Bend

Texas Kayaking and Canoe Clubs

A Texas subsidiary of the Arkansas Canoe Club, we do all types of kayaking: white water, flat water, and paddle camping events throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. We also sponsor a free "roll practice" once a month.
Houston Association of Sea Kayakers

A social club for sea kayakers in the Houston area that leads about 3 trips a months from casual bayou to open water bays - membership is not required

Hill Country Paddlers
Families and/or individuals - all ages welcome to enjoy day trips, weekend trips, and coastal sea kayaking.
Houston Canoe Club
Established in 1964, the members are interested in all types of paddlesport from canoeing to kayaking, quiet water, whitewater, touring and racing.
Alamo City Riverman
A canoe and kayak club in San Antonio with members including all age groups, all skill levels, and all types of paddling: flat-water, slow rivers, racing, and whitewater
Dallas Downriver Club
Established in 1975, DDRC is active in planning many trips as well as involved in environmental issues.


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