After dating for three years, Keith proposed on bended knee on vacation in San Diego and Shannon immediately started planning their big day.  After years of collecting ideas, she couldn't wait to put her ideas to use.  They set the wedding day for April, just 3 short months away.  Both nature lovers, Keith & Shannon knew they wanted to get married outdoors and celebrate under the stars and fell in love with the beauty of Kali-Kate in Buda.

As out of state family members began to arrive at the 1800's farmhouse and 6 bedroom party house they rented for the weekend, they were greeted with personalized "Welcome to Texas" buckets full of Texas themed goodies.  Once everyone was together, they loaded on a bus to attend a Hawaiian themed Rehearsal Dinner aboard a riverboat on Lake Austin where Austin legend Rusty Weir sang & played guitar all night.

The Wedding morning started with a bridesmaid’s luncheon at the farmhouse where the bridesmaids were given a "time capsule" from Shannon, each filled with memories, 4 of the 10 were 23+ years in the making.  The boys in the meantime gathered at a friend’s 1000 acre ranch for skeet shooting, 4-wheeling & beer drinking.

Guests began arriving at 6 for a cocktail hour where they were photographed under the oaks and were asked to write a note to Shannon & Keith which will later be placed in an album with their black & white photo.  At 6:30 Andrew Gold's "Thank you for Being a Friend" led the groom, holding hands with each mom, down the rose petal strewn aisle followed by bridesmaids who as they stepped out of the limo took the hand of a groomsmen.  As Shannon & her dad pull up in an antique Cadillac and she sees all of her friends and family gathered in the grass under the oak trees, her hearts swells.  Her dad helps her out of the Cadillac and she is greeted by 6 people, chosen from each significant period in her life, who hand her a Gerber daisy.  Bouquet now in place, Shannon walked barefooted, flowers in her hair with her dad to meet Keith at the alter while a close family friend sings John Denver's "Annie's Song" and Keith close college friend plays along on the guitar.

During the personal and intimate vows, which Keith & Shannon added their own heartfelt words to, and 250 family & friends standing in a circle around them, you couldn't help but feel the love in that field.  In the middle of the ceremony, Shannon's family friend of 23 years and Keith's family friend of 28 years reflect in their own words on their memories of Keith & Shannon.
Finally announced us husband & wife, James Taylor's "Smiling Face" accompanied them back up the aisle.

Dinner & drinks were served as the wedding party took photos & when they returned, the special dances began.  Keith & Shannon danced to Cory Morrow's "Always & Forever".  Dad & Shannon started their dance to "Fathers & Daughters" by Paul Simon and were soon joined by all the fathers & daughters in the room, including Shannon's sister who joined her & her dad for one of her favorite moments of the night.  Keith & his mom danced to "Sunshine on my shoulder" by John Denver & then they asked everyone to join in for Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World"

"Looking around the room that night I saw the culmination of just 3 and a half months of planning.  Never wanting a traditional wedding, I felt as though all the personal touches we wanted shone through.  The hand painted terra cotta pots done by the bridesmaids & moms & filled by a friend with wildflowers, served as the centerpieces.  Framed pictures of our lives were scattered all over the facility.  Guests drank wine from our personalized cups, kept their beer cold in the matching personalized koozies & read the notes inside the Texas Country CD we gave them describing the meaning behind each song we chose.  We pulled off a wedding that truly reflected who we are.  It was a completely magical evening."

After 5 hours of dancing to the party music mixed in with the classic country tunes, everyone lined up with sparklers & cheered as Keith & Shannon ran to the waiting limo.  Next, The moms & bridesmaids all changed into their gift of monogrammed pajamas and everyone else got comfy for the pajama party at the farmhouse.  A few guys played guitar on the front porch, everyone watched a surprise slideshow created by Shannon's longtime neighbor, they munched on leftover BBQ and the celebration continued until 4 am.  And it didn't end there!  About 50 friends & relatives returned the next morning for a brunch at the 6 bedroom party house before they moved the crew from Buda to Austin were they capped off the weekend at a party at The Pier on Lake Austin.

And finally some relaxation for the Lilie's on weeklong honeymoon in Bora Bora.

Photos Courtesy of Katy Roth Photography