Ice Castles In Dillon, Colorado

During our spring break vacation in Keystone, several people told us we needed to visit Ice Castles in nearby Dillon, Colorado. We loved it!

Ice Castles in Dillon was created by Ice Castles LLC which is a Utah-based entertainment company that specializes in large-scale events handcrafted from ice and each winter they create magical and colorful ice castles in 6 different cities in the US and Canada.

Ice Castle in Dillion

Ice Castles Dillon ColoradoYou might be asking "what's an ice castle"? In it's simplest form an ice castle is structure built entirely of ice and icicles. These magical twinkling castles built of ice were imagined and created by Brent Christensen. He started out by building miniature versions of today’s castles in his backyard for his daughter. Now his ice castles are huge breathtaking creations straight out of a fairy tale.

Here are some cool (literally) Ice Castle facts:

  • the Ice Castles were built by hand with the work crew growing over 10,000 icicles a day that are placed throughout the Ice Castle to provide something for the water to freeze to and over time the icicles get absorbed into the ice structure - no wood frames or other structures, it's just icicles
  • it took 50 workers and over 20,000 man hours to create
  • each of the Ice Castles is a little over an acre, is all one giant piece of interconnected ice, and weighs more than 25,000,000 pounds
  • the walls get up to 10 feet thick and they are strong enough to hold up a big building
  • the castle has a blue glow except where shimmering lights change the color to a variety of hues

Ice Castles DillionIce Castle DillionIce Castle in Dillon

As we approached the ice castle in Dillon, our jaws dropped! It was huge, with a variety of colors sparkling in the ice. Truly magical! We expected to just walk through the structure in awe and head back to the bar! Not the case. The Dillon Ice Castle is very interactive with a maze, tunnels, kid slide area, and a 50 foot long sky slide. As you walk through the ice castle you'll discover the dome room, a cool fountain courtyard, a pixel wall and a high energy fire show that will amaze you with a versatile and unique show using many different manipulation props including fire breathing, spinning, hula, and more.

Ice castle colorsIce castles

The kids had a blast going through the maze, disappearing in the tunnels, and zooming down the slides - I thought that we would never get them to leave, lucky the Ice Castle closed at 10:00. A fun and amazing experience for all of us.

Fireshow at Ice CastlesSlide at Ice CastleFountain at Ice Castles

Check it out in a city near you. Return to our Keystone Resort Winter Vacation article.

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