Thank God For Weekends
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" Thank God For Weekends"

Lake Murray State Park & Lake Murray Golf Course

April 2006            

Easter weekend was spent at one of our favorite campgrounds, Lake Murray State Park.  I know, this Park is in Oklahoma but every once in awhile it’s ok to escape across the border to experience life outside Texas. 

Some of the reasons that Lake Murray is a Texas Outside Favorite include:

  • Lake Murray – Lake Murray is a very scenic lake with no commercial development, except for the State Park and the two marinas.  The water is a clear blue – at times I thought we were in the Caribbean – and there are some great coves for skiing/boarding, swimming, or fishing, which I understand is very good.                                  
  • Lake Murray State Park – The Park has some of the best on-the-water sites and there are quite a few of them.  However, the Park is very popular and all the good sites are first-come-first-serve.  One camping area, Duke’s Forest, takes reservations but it is not close to the water -- in fact, you can't even see the water from this campground. 
  • Fun Things to Do -- Lake Murray State Park also has a number of fun things to do including:  excellent hike and bike trails, horseback ridding, disc golf, tennis, pool, and more.  Read the Texas Outside review of Lake Murray State Park by clicking here.
  • Lake Murray Golf Course – the Park includes an 18-hole golf course that Texas Outside rates 6.7 stars – pretty high for a State Park and well worth playing if you are staying in the area.  Click here to read our review of Lake Murray Golf Course.
  • Lake Murray Lodging – if you aren’t a camper, Lake Murray State Park has an 80 room lodge with a restaurant, 81 cabins some of which are on the water, and very cool Bed & Berth Villas that sleep 8 to 12 people.  These 2 bedroom villas are floating in the water on a small and pretty cove – check them out and find enough people to rent all three of them for a really great time.

We stayed in a great site right on the water in Elephant Rock Campground.  Friday was biking, hiking, and game day.  We hiked (ok, we walked) the paved nature trail at Elephant Rock Campground, reading each of the short but informative descriptions of trees and other stuff along the trail.  This is a short trail and not strenuous at all.  Walk or bike this trail with the kids and stop at the playground. 

After lunch we biked the trail that goes along the lake and through the trees to the lodge.  This is a moderately strenuous hike or bike trail and includes a couple tough spots if you are biking.  It’s a super bike ride, somewhat demanding but very enjoyable.  We rate it a 5 out of 5 stars.  Next came the round of games including:  ladder golf, washers, backgammon, and cards with points are awarded to the winning teams.  Losers had to do dishes! 

On Saturday, the games continue in the morning and we took a ride on another one of the bike trails.  We rode the Duke’s Forest trail through the trees and up and down some hills – a exciting, but much harder and more challenging ride  – rated 4 out 5 stars.   If you are not an experienced rider, you should hike this trail.  If you are a road biker, the roads in and around the park are excellent for scenery and some good exercise due to the moderate hills.

After riding, we piled into the boat and headed over to the Lodge for 18 holes of disc golf.  This is a short course among the trees in front of the Lodge.  A couple holes can eat your Frisbee in the woods or if you’re not careful you may find it swimming in the lake. 

After golf we cruised over to the marina, looked at the boats, and then tied up at the dock for a short walk to Tucker Tower.  Tucker Tower has a history of the area and construction of the lake, a small museum, and magnificent views of Lake Murray.  Well worth the 50 cents!


Saturday night ended with a rousing and wild game of Oodles and Doodles.  This is a form of Pictionary where you race against the egg timer to draw up to 8 different pictures that all pertain to a category.  After a hard day, this is the most fun you can have with a magic marker except for drawing on people who are asleep. You have to draw eight clues that your teammates will need to guess what they represent – in less than 90 seconds!  Here is an example: the category, which your teammates get to see, is “Things You Believe In.” And you need to draw: Santa Claus (easy), Tooth Fairy (not too bad), UFOs (well….), the Easter Bunny (a snap), elves (for sure), magic (what to here?), true love (a tough one) and ESP (time will be out before you finish this one).  Lotta fun!

Sunday was golf at Lake Murray State Park, which is a great 18 holes of golf.