Marinas in Texas

Texas marinas offer boaters a little bit of everything: easy access to the lake, gulf, or bay; wet and dry slips; covered or open storage; service and parts; dockominiums; fun and lively slip owners; and gas and supplies. Better yet, some of the marinas in Texas are home to some great restaurants, decks with food and music, and really fun bars. The goal of this page is to help you find a Texas Marina that meets your storage, service, or party objectives.

Lake Marinas

Texas Lake Marinas
Lake Review

We just started this page in October, so come back soon and you will find lots more listings. The Lake Review will provide you will alsosorts of good information on the lake - camping, restaurants, funthings to do, where to ski/board, and more.

Saltwater Marinas

Saltwater Marina Locations


What To Look For In A Marina

Looking for a new marina for wet or dry storage? Then here is a list of what to look for:

  • Wind and Wave Protection - check for a secure and overlapping breakwater buffer that will protect the slips from wave and wind action or a marina in a very protected cove where the land, bluffs, or hills act as a wind and wave buffer
  • Water Depth - with the severe lake level fluctuations that we experience in Texas, make sure that the slip has a minimum depth of 6 feet Richland Chambers at mean low water level and check with management on the number of times the slips have been high and dry
  • Floating Slips - the floods of 2007 and the drought of 2006 were prime examples of why depth and floating slips and entrance ramps are critical - we saw a lot of damage done to boats and slips during the flood of 2007 and there were a number of boats high and dry during the drought of 2006
  • Entrance Channel - check for markers with working lights for night navigation; depth for entrance during droughts; confirm height restrictions on bridges to make sure you can navigate the entire body of water or get to open water; and ask about stumps, sand bars, or other nearby hazards
  • Docks - check the condition and age of the docks; talk to slip owners about maintenance and repairs; look for cleats for bow, stern, and spring lines; are there dock boxes or can you install one; and check the bumper guards
  • Covered Slips - with the Texas winds, hurricanes, and tornados, you need assurance that the cover will hold up under all adverse conditions
  • Dry Storage - if you are looking at stacking dry storage, avoid the lowest racks which can attract the oil, gas, and water drippings from the boats above; check the hours for access to your boat and for putting the boats into and getting them out of the water
  • Fuel Dock, Pump Station, Mechanics, and Other Services - what services are available and what's the cost; can you get a discount on gas and services; do you need a pump out station; are there boat cleaning services available; is there a vacuum service; and ease of access to fuel and other services
  • Utilities - look for both 30 and 50 AMP electrical connections in a weather shielded outlet; is water easily available; what about showersCorpus Christi Marina and toilet facilities; and what is the charge for electricity and water
  • Liveaboards - some marinas don't allow you to sleep aboard or live on the boat, so check the rules
  • Security - what type of live security is available; is there a 24 hours telephone number to report problems; look for security guards, closed circuit TV cameras, and secure lockable gates
  • Insurance - what is the marina's insurance policy and what can you be liable for in terms of accidents, storms, fires, theft, and vandalism - you should have at least $300,000 in liability
  • Storms - what action can and does the marina take during and after storms and what are the restrictions on getting to your boat after a storm
  • Contractors - can you have your contractors do work and repairs or does the marina insist on doing it all
  • Dockominiums - what are the rules and restrictions on dockominiums - check on lease, rent, or purchase options and who pays for maintenance and what percent of the slip owners does it take to make changes to the charter


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