Thank God For Weekends
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" Thank God For Weekends"

Meridian State Park & Golf at Bosque Valley Golf Club

March 3, 2006

On the drive down to Meridian State Park we were starving, so we stopped and ate diner at Papa Doc’s in Meridian – 2.5 stars out of 5 and a pretty good buffet with View of Lake Meridian from the trailchicken fried steak, salad bar, ribs, veggies, and catfish for $8.99. 

Meridian State Park (map) is a 500-acre park with good campsites and a 73-acre lake for boating -- there is max of 5 MPH -- fishing, and swimming.  After a great breakfast of sausage, hash browns and hot eggs (an excellent way to start the day -- see hunger busters for the receipt), we hiked the 2.33-mile Bosque Hiking Trail around the lake.  We rated the hike a 4 out of five stars because it is pretty, pleasant, and easy (3 out of 10 on the strenuous level); would be good for the kids; offered some good views of lake; and has some excellent places to swim if it’s hot. 

After lunch we played Frisbee golf with each player picking a hole, for example, throw between the posts and hit the dipsy-dumpster or down the trail and hit the small post without hitting any trees which is a one stroke penalty - par is the lowest score. After Frisbee some of us attempted to bike parts of the Little Spring Trail and Little Forest Trail – you’re better off walking it or be prepared to carry/walk your bike due to some steep hills and lots of rocks.  The rest of our party biked a part of the paved one-way loop within the Park, which is a scenic route but will a lot of steep hills.

Water & electric sitesPrimitave SitesWater & electic sites
That evening we played a new and very fun game called Oodles of Doodles – a form of Pictionary where you race against the egg timer to draw up to 8 different pictures that all pertain to a category.  After a hard day, this is the most fun you can have with a magic marker except for drawing on people who are asleep. You have to draw eight clues that your teammates will need to guess what they represent – in less than 90 seconds.  Here is an example: the category, which your teammates get to see, is “Things You Believe In.” And you need to draw: Santa Claus (easy), Tooth Fairy (not too bad), UFOs (well….), the Easter Bunny (a snap), elves (for sure), magic (what to here?), true love (a tough one) and ESP (time will be out before you finish this one).  Have fun

Sunday morning was competitive games of washers, ladder golf, and bocce ball; a short bike ride in the park; and then golf at Bosque Valley Golf Club. Click here to read our review of Bosque Golf Club and of Meridian State Park. Trail around the lake


Not a bad weekend when all was said and done.

Meridian State Park SheltersYou can catch some big ones

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