Metal Detecting Like One of the Most Exciting Hobbies

People have a huge choice of activities today and sometimes, it gets hard to choose. Most often than not, it makes sense to spend free time on something that is enjoyable, cool to boast about, and at least somehow practically applicable. And guess what, metal detecting fit all those criteria:

  • you will definitely enjoy finding some valuable objects literally under your feet
  • you will have tons of cool stories to boast about
  • maybe the skill itself is not very applicable in everyday life, but some valuable stuff can be exchanged, or sold, which makes metal detecting a useful hobby

One of the main questions most people have is how to choose metal detectors, and where to buy one. For this, visit Detect History and educate yourself on devices and other info. Meanwhile, let’s discuss the benefits of the hobby itself.

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Finding Cool Stuff

Finding some cool stuff is the reason why people start this hobby in the first place! You can spot old coins, old personal belongings, weapons, relics, even jewelry. On the other hand, it is totally possible to find modern jewelry lost in public places, which is also a valuable find! People around you will be excited and impressed by the fact that such amazing things were right under their feet. You can start a collection, or even become famous if you find something historically important.

Hanging Out With Cool People

Metal detecting as a hobby has a tightly knit community behind it. This is a community of people who are ready to learn new info and new technologies, who are not afraid of harsh conditions, physically fit, and experienced in many spheres. In other words, these are cool people and it is cool to hang out with them. Moreover, a newbie can ask for advice, or borrow an accessory from a like-minded friend.

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Spending Time Outside

Spending time outside while metal detecting is obvious. Unless you are a treasure hunter exploring old abandoned houses on the outskirts of the town, most of the time you will be hanging out outside. Which is actually cool, especially if you don't search in public places, but in the field or along old roads. Hours spent out in the fresh air is advantageous for anybody. Doing this with friends, especially when you travel to a distant location, is almost a full-fledged barbeque, but with practical sense. Enjoy!

Getting Regular Exercise

Regardless of the appearance or what the band states about their machines, dragging a metal detector, a shovel, a pinpointer, and a backpack with you around a field or forest, for several hours, is a pretty impressive physical punishment. Doing so on a regular basis, at least for two-three hours can transform this hobby into regular physical training. Of course, one should not overstrain themselves and you avoid equipment that is too heavy for your size. But overall, you are unlikely to gain weight if you frequently go treasure hunting.

Learning New Things

When metal detecting, you will have to learn all the time! You will have to learn about brands and machines, about tech specs, about accessories, about methods of search, locations, targets, metals, history, geography, local laws, etc. You will meet new people all the time; perhaps participate in events and group activities; travel together; and constantly face new challenges. This hobby has been motivating some people for years and they never get bored.


If you are wondering about your next hobby, perhaps treasure hunting may be your thing. It has so many benefits and opens the horizons so wide, that its few drawbacks cannot make it less attractive. Learn more about the equipment and other necessary stuff and give it a try!

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