Thank God For Weekends
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" Thank God For Weekends"

Mineral Wells State Park and The Cliffs Golf Resort

March 10, 2006

Headed out on Friday night to fight the Dallas traffic to Ft Worth and then on to Minerals Wells.  Dinner at Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant in Mineral Wells was ok (3 stars – reasonable prices, good selections and service, and ok food) – try the Chili Colorado.   We spent the night in Lake Mineral Wells State Park which is just a couple of miles from downtown Mineral Wells.

Lake Mineral Wells State Park is a Texas Outside Favorite because of the great sites (spacious, pretty, and clean), good hiking trails, a small lake for swimming and fishing, and some of Texas’s best bouldering and rock climbing.  Your kids will love this park because of the variety of things for them to do.  See the Texas Outside Lake Mineral Wells State Park review. (link to Lake Mineral Wells Review)

After a hardy breakfast, we drove a mile and a half (bike it or hike if you have time and energy – it’s up a pretty steep hill but would be a fun ride back down the hill) to the Cross Timbers Back Country Trail trailhead.  Click here to read the review of the trail – from Texas Outside’s perspective it is a relatively boring bike and hike trail (2.5 stars out of five) but a good trail for horse conditioning or for green riders or green horses.  A better trail to hike is the trail from Plateau Campground along the lake or the Lake Forest Trail – here’s a map of the campground and trails.   If you are into biking, hiking, or riding you can catch the Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway that was the Texas & Pacific Railway Company railroad tracks from Weatherford to Mineral Wells.  Today it is a 20 mile and ten feet wide crushed and screened limestone trail with very flat grade that winds gently through remote farm and ranch lands.

After lunch, drive, bike or walk around the lake and over the spillway to the Lake Front Trail, which is a nice trail along the lake.  Make sure that you spend time in Penitentiary Hollow – climb the rocks, crawl the crevices, and watch the professional’s free climb or rappel down the cliffs.  Ask and they may let you use their equipment to climb or rappel the cliffs.  After all this, you deserve a few minutes on the sandy beach at the concession stand and ramp for relaxing and swimming. 


Later that afternoon, we headed west about 30 miles to The Cliffs Resort) to camp in their small, but nice park, and play golf at The Cliffs on Sunday.  The Cliffs is also a Texas Outside Favorite course.  It sits on top of a plateau above Lake Possum Kingdom one of the prettier lakes in Texas.  See the Texas Outside rating and review of The Cliffs (link to the review) to understand why we rate it an 8.5 out of ten.  Bring lots of golf balls and don’t get frustrated.  

Headed back to the Big D that afternoon anxious for the next weekend to get started. 




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