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Texas Music Nation Music Festival & Chili Cook-Off

June 2006

Texas Music Nation

Tres Rios (read the Texas Outside Review of Tres Rios) which is a Texas Outside Favorite Campground, in Glen Rose was host to the 2006 Texas Music Nation Celebration #6 and CASI chili cook off.  To become a member of Texas Music Nation you have to take the following pledge: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the Texas Music Nation, and to the campfires by which we stand, one Nation, under Willie, invincible, with hot chili and cold beer for all!  That about sums up what this event is all about – great music, very friendly crowd of music enthusiasts, and cold beer.

This county Texas music jam started Friday night with pickin’ and jammin’ in multiple campsites in Tres Rios campground.  The campsite jammin’ sessions are always a highlight of these music events – some great pickers and songwriters taking turns singing some of their favorites around the campfire – ok, you caught me, in June there are no campfires ‘cuz it’s so dang hot, but the great music and camaraderie was still there.  You will hear some fantastic and very talented musicians around the pretend campfire.  So bring your chairs and favorite beverage and wander from campsite to campsite and enjoy the music.  

Pickin' & Jammin'PickersCampfire singers

Saturday’s music began around 12 and concluded around 12 when most the fans then went for more music in the campsites.  On Sunday, Mike Blakely played to a small dedicated crowd for a couple hours.   Some of the other musicians and bands included: Bodie Powell, Kim Carson, Damon Carrol Band, Tube and Cados, Wade Hatton & Texas Hat Band, Tucan Brothers, Brett Watts, and more.


Susan GibsonBrett Watts

We rated this event 4 out of 5 stars – very small (150 –200) group of music lovers who make you feel like a part of a big family, onsite very close by camping, good food as usual from Cinda-Rellas-Cullinary Cuisine, lots to see and do in and around Glen Rose (read a Thank God For Weekends Trip to Glen Rose for some other fun things to do), very good music, and it was FREE! 

The main stage is a covered pavilion with plenty of room for your lawn chairs and cooler filled with drinks, appetizers, or whatever.  Outside the pavilion is more space for lawn chairs or blankets under the trees.  Cinda-N-Rella’s Culinary Carriage is a staple at most of the outdoor music events and as usual her burgers and pulled pork sandwich and pasta were outstanding.   Adjacent to the music pavilion is an neat old air-conditioned building with Turner's Turn and Burn cafe, which offers excellent food ranging from prime rib to Italian sub sandwiches.



One of the benefits of this event being held at Tres Rios is that while they are setting up for the next band, there is just enough time to take a dip in Tres Rios’ swimming pool or cool off in the Brazos River.   A very refreshing change when the temperature is hovering around 100!  You can also get in a game of horseshoes or volleyball and still enjoy the music, which is less than 100 yards away from the sports field. Or set up your washer board just outside the pavilion and enjoy the music and some friendly competition  – if you need a great washer board, click here for a fun, compact, and well built variation of the standard washer boards that will keep you entertained for hours. 

This is a kid friendly event and the Tres Rios playground and pool or the Rivers should keep them entertained if they get bored with the music.   If the kids are old enough, or before the music starts, consider dropping them off at one of the canoe/tube rentals by the Brazos River bridge on 67 and they can float down the river to Tres Rios.