Angel Fire Resort Zipline Adventure Tour

On a vacation to Angel Fire, New Mexico several people had told us that we have to go ziplining during our stay at Angel Fire Resort. And before we knew it we were flying to the top of a 10,600' mountain on the Chile Express Chairlift for our zip line tour. Angel Fire Zipline Adventure Tour is one of the highest elevation zipline tours in the United States and it's the first of it's kind in New Mexico and it's a blast - don't leave northern New Mexico without giving it a try.

Zipline Adventure Tour at Angel Fire Resort

Chair lift ride to the summitWe were ready to go after signing all the waivers and getting weighed - you can't zip if you're under 100 or over 270 pounds and I wasn't worried about the lower limit but I was a bit concerned about the upper limit after being on vacation for a week with lots of great food and several beers, Near the top of the summit on the chair liftmargaritas, and more! We jumped on the Chile Express quad chair lift to get to the top of the mountain which is a very fast (2.5 miles that seems like straight up the mountain in 12 minutes!) and very scenic ride with stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, Wheeler Peak which is the tallest mountain in New Mexico at 13,161', the Moreno Valley that's home to the village of Angel Fire, and miles into New Mexico and even southern Colorado - wow, bring a camera. You'll also get a good glimpse of Angel Fire ski area and the world renowned Angel Fire Bike Park.

Our zipline gear is waiting for usWithin a few steps of the end of the chair lift is the zipline starting point where you and your fellow zippers (that doesn't sound right!) will meet your guide and get fitted with gloves, a helmet, and a fancy harness that can give guys a squeaky voice if not fitted correctly. And you're ready to try your first zip line which is a 1 minute walk past the Summit Haus where I was tempted to stop in for a beer to give me a little more courage. And for the next hour and a half we had a blast zipping from platform to platform and peak to peak!

Hated for it to end but I knew that a cold beer and scenic view was waiting on the deck of the Summit Haus and after a few beers I might be ready to play the summit's 18 hole disc golf course that traverses up and down the mountain.


When you zip with Angel Fire Zip you'll get to experience six different ziplines:

  • A & B is at the base of the Chile Express and it's your warm run to get you used to zipping. You'll climb up a platform to get to A, hook in and zip 250' to another platform where you hope that you remember the instructions about grabbing the brake line rope or you may zip right into your guides lap or start zipping backwards (either one is a tad embarrassing) - from that platform you take a leap of faith off the edge and hope that your harness is fitted correctly and zip 100' back to the ground

First zipline platformPractice ziplineFirst Zipline platform

  • A short two minute slightly uphill hike takes you to #1 which is 700' of flying through the trees to another platform that is 45' above the ground - now you're getting used to zipping and shortly after you land on that platform you're zipping down another 700' line
  • On a huff and puff 5 to 8 minute hike to the next platform you'll have some magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and the Angel Fire valley before you climb up to #5 which is an exciting adrenaline pumping dual 1600' line that takes you 35 to 55 miles an hour from one peak to another suspended over 200' above the forest floor - wow, that was fast, exciting, and fun! This one is a tad intimidating from the platform and as you take another leap of faith you'll either be screaming "ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhh" or "Geronimoooooooooo!!!!"

Dual ziplineZipline

  • a short zig zag hike to the final zip where you'll sail 1000' through the trees then get to walk across a 50' wobbly rope bridge to an ATV that's waiting to take you back to the summit

It just doesn't get much better than the zipline tour at Angel Fire Resort - the guides are great, the views are jaw dropping, and each of the ziplines are a blast, and #5 is clearly the fastest and most adrenaline pumping zipline we have ridden. A photographer is stationed at the end of each zipline to take your picture as you fly through the air with a big grin on your face. The pictures will be waiting for you at the base of the mountain for a small fee.

Our zipline guidesOur zipline guides having funHawk is the manager of the Angel Fire Resort Zipline Tour and he's hired some great guides that help make your trip safe as well as fun. Our guides, Kevin and Curtis, were outstanding. Tours typically depart every hour and each tour takes about 2 and a half hours and includes up to 8 zippers. There is no age limit but riders must weigh between 100 to 270 pounds to take the zipline tour. Reservations are suggested.


Summit HausAfter all that fun, we stopped at the Summit Haus for a cold beer on their deck and some magnificent views of the mountains and valleys for miles and miles. We didn't have time, but we checked out a couple of the 18 disc golf holes at the summit and we understand it is a fun but very challenging round of disc golf.

After you finish your activities on the top of the mountain, you can hike back down or ride the Chile Express to the base of the mountain. We can highly recommend the frozen margaritas and food and view from the deck of Sunset Grill at the base of the mountain.

Have fun.

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