Texas Paragliding & Paramotoring

ParaglidingParamotoring Paragliding is a sport in which a wide canopy resembling a parachute is attached to a person's body by a harness in order to allow them to glide through the air after jumping from or being lifted to a height. Paragliding typically uses an inflatable wing and harness to experience this free form of flying which is a fun, exciting and relatively easy way to fly.

Paramotoring is a generic name for the propulsive portion of a powered paraglider. It consists of a frame that combines the motor, propeller, harness (with integrated seat) and cage. It provides two attachment points for the risers of a paraglider wing that allows for powered flight.


Texas Paragliding and Parmotoring

Flying & Floating Toys
Parasail and powered parachute rides over Lewisville Lake
Houston Area
Paragliding and Paramotoring around the Houston area
Paragliding Article
Aspen Colorado
Read about our fun and thrilling Paragliding experience in Aspen Colorado
Take your first flights from a grassy hillside or enjoy a tandem discovery flight over the lakes of central Texas with a certified tandem instructor.
Dallas Paragliding
Single and tandem paragliding lessons
BlackHawk Paramotors
Paragliders and Paramotor sales and training


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