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Perot Museum of Nature and ScienceThe Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas is one of the best museums in Texas and a must visit if your anywhere near the Dallas. What makes the Perot Museum one of the best in Texas is that it caters to all ages from toddlers to grandpas - everybody will find something of interest and educational. The Perot Museum is truly a learning museum offering hands-on ways to learn about scientific evidence, mathematical concepts, and natural history - "it will profoundly affect what and how it's visitors experience science and nature." In fact, the Perot Museum's mission is to “inspire minds through nature and science” as it fully embraces the natural world and the manmade world, focusing on earth and space sciences, life and natural sciences, chemistry, physical sciences and engineering with hundreds of ideas and concepts in science, math, and technology, all within one spectacular location.

The $185 million Perot Museum of Nature and Science which was designed by 2005 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate Thom Mayne and Morphosis Architects opened in late 2012. The museum is 180,000 square feet, approximately 14 stories, and was built entirely with private donations. Some of the museum features include:

  • Five floors of public space devoted for public usage.
  • An expansive glass-enclosed lobby and adjacent rooftop deck
  • 11 permanent exhibit halls including a children’s museum and outdoor playspace/courtyard
  • State-of-the-art traveling exhibition gallery designed to host world-class exhibitions
  • Museum Shop operated by Event Network, the premier museum store operator in the country
  • Ground-level exhibit workshops surrounded by large windows making workshop activity accessible for public viewing
  • Education Wing equipped with six Learning Labs and the Robert and Ann Moody Forum
  • 298-seat multi-media cinema boasting state-of-the-art 4K digital projection, the most widely used technology for watching 3D films in theaters
  • Flexible-space auditorium
  • Public cafe and event catering managed by Wolfgang Puck

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is split into 5 levels that are home to leading-edge video and 3D computer animation with thrilling, life-like simulation; tabletop landscapes and computer-generated flyovers that provide eye-popping enhancements supported with timely, relevant and engaging lessons and programs; hands-on activities, interactive kiosks and educational games that will engage and excite visitors of every age; amazing paleontology displays, large collections of ornithology and taxidermy, and beautiful gems and minerals.

As we traveled from one level to the next, some of what we found and really enjoyed included:

  • Lower Level - the youngest grandkids enjoyed the Moody Family Children's Museum hands-on, crawl-on, and climb-on adventure with the Dallas skyline playscape, the flowing river waterplay table, and a kid's version of the Dallas Farmerís Market; in the Sports Hall high speed cameras captured the grandkids kicking a soccer ball and turning cartwheels and then allowed us to compare their skills on a split screen to an expert soccer player and gymnast; and the grandparents enjoyed the room which displayed the construction of the museum.
  • Plaza Level - then we visited the gift shop as we waited for the start of our 3D movie Sea Monsters which was fantastic as the sea creatures seemed to jump out of the screen and just barely miss our noses. The movie was followed by some food in the Cafe to give us some energy for the next 3 levels and the grandkids enthusiasm.
  • Level 2 - in the 3400 square foot Discovering Life Exhibit Hall we saw fossils, taxidermy specimens, several 3D animations and interactive games that demonstrate how factors like genetics and environment are shaping the next generation of plants, and animals, and even bacteria.

Moody Family Childrens MuseumDiscovering Life HallSports Hall

  • Level 3 - my granddaughter is a rock collector and loved the Gems & Minerals Hall with high-definition videos, digital puzzles and touchable specimens to explore while I found the Energy Hall and all of the information on drilling to be very interesting - we all loved the earthquake simulator and the expression on the grandkids faces was priceless.
  • Level 4 - on this level we got to learn about the Universe in the Expanding Universe Hall and embark on a journey through our solar system and beyond and in the Life Then and Now Hall we saw towering dinosaurs, rare fossils and virtual paleo-habitats and Level 4 M was home to the Hall of Birds where we could move from computer station to computer station and configure our own birds from several choices of bodies, heads, wings, and sounds plus we could flap our arms to make an eagle soar through mountain passes, over the trees, and high into the sky.

Disasour skeleton


Digital DrumsRobotic carsThe favorite for the grandkids by a large margin was the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation hall which was loaded with lots of fun and informative hands on exhibit ranging from digital drums to create music and sound effect to designing and building a truss or a model skyscraper to withstand a simulated earthquake or creating complex chain reactions or designing and building a robot to race through a maze, pick up objects, or go head to head with other robots. We had a hard time dragging them out of here.      

Prices are reasonable and make sure you plan on a full day to really enjoy one of the best museums in Texas.

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