Planning the Perfect Fishing Trip in Texas

The New Fishing Hotspot

Fishing TripAlthough the Lonestar State is not considered a mainstream fishing destination, residents and visitors alike will be surprised to learn that a massive $2 billion was spent by anglers while fishing in Texas. This figure alone is enough for even salted anglers to take note as there are some surprising rod and reel adventures that await those who dare to face the waters. The reward? Nothing short of succulent bass and catfish that aren’t afraid to put up a good fight.

Take A Breather From The Bass And Say Hello To Catfish

Texoma, Cedar Creek, and Tawakoni are names that all catfishing enthusiasts will want to remember, as these are the locations that carry some great loot. As far as fishing spots are concerned, it’s not always only about the catch but also the experience and these have it in bucket loads. Picturesque and calm, it sets the ideal backdrop for that epic battle that takes place between the angler and the catfish. Once caught, these are delicious with a side of sweet squash but not all of them are for eating, as these locations are known for their trophy blues.

Fishing TripThe Right Tools For The Job

Centuries ago a simple wooden rod and primitive lures and tackle would have had to suffice to land a good catch. Nowadays, even the fishing line receives expert attention from fishing enthusiasts and only the best will do. The right fishing tackle and bait can make all the difference in whether it’s a trophy fish day or simply just a day relaxing at the water’s edge with hardly a bite at the end of the line. Bass and catfish have different likes and anglers should adjust their rig accordingly.

Keep It To The Warmer Months

Fishing TripWhile bass prefers the warmer months, catfishing can start from early spring. Novice anglers tend to wait until the weather is warm and balmy before setting out but might be disappointed at what is on the other end of the line. It all depends on the spawning and whether the body of water where the fish are is in an enclosure or part of a river or stream. Old quarries and lakes tend to be ideal for those who prefer to fish in an enclosed body of water, as the fish populations are a little more predictable.

Fishing is not only a fun pastime for those who wish to clear their minds from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but also happens to be a fun time out with the family. Choose a location that is known for its fish populations, and ensure angling licenses are up to date. It may also be a good idea to check the catching policy of that specific area, as some fishing holes only allow catch-and-release.


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