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Visitors to the Highland Lakes discover all sorts of different places that look like they ought to be easy to pronounce, but they can be pretty tricky and even deceiving to the newcomer. Don't Give yourself away as a tourist; study our simple little guide and speak like the natives, y'all.

Here are a few of the names y'all may run into the next time y'all are in the Highland Lakes area:


  • Tow-
    This charming town is located on the northwest shore of Lake Buchanan. Don’t give yourself away by saying, "toe". Tow is pronounced to rhyme with "now", as in, "How, now, brown cow?"
  • Buchanan-
    Texans will know who you are when you say this one with the long "u" sound. Buchanan is pronounced, "Buck - an - un".
  • Burnet-
    "It’s Burnet, durnit, can’t you learn it?" Remember, emphasis is on the first syllable, and the e-t is an, "it", not an, "et".
  • Pedernales-
    This one doesn't sound anything like the way it is written, though as more new people move into the area tastes may change. Long time residents say, "Pur - den - a - lis". Recent arrivals prefer to pronounce it as it is written, so you can just as easily get corrected both ways. In any event, you’ll know when you get corrected just how long that person has been in the area.
  • Llano-
    Everyone who knows even the smallest bit of Spanish wants to use the correct Spanish pronunciation, in which the double "L" is said like a "Y" (when the "Y" functions as a consonant). When in Austin, you can say it in Spanish, but when you’re in Llano, try saying "Lano" with a short "A". The residents will appreciate your indulgence.
  • Krause Springs-
    Krause Springs is a privately owned park with lovely areas for a picnic, a swimming pool filled with fresh water from the springs, and a spectacular waterfall at the bottom of a fern covered cliff. Krause has two syllables, with the accent on the first one. Pronounce it as, "Krow - see", with "Krow" to rhyme with "Cow".

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