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Raz on the Braz

August 2006

Terry Rasor celebrated his birthday with over 700 fans at this years Raz on the Braz. This was the 11th annual Raz on the Braz and as usual it was a great time with some excellent music. This event was held at Bucks on the Brazos which is just north of Glen Rose on Highway 67 -- blink and you will buzz right by the Buck's small sign.

RV camping is up a small bluff above the music stage. They have 20 or so electric and water spots but they are very hard to get. There is plenty of camping in an open field by the electric sites. Tent camping and small RVs can head down the hill and find plenty of primitive camping under the live oaks and along the banks of the Brazos. All sites are within a 200 to 300 yard walk to the music.

The stage is set at the base of a small hill and under the live oaks and a short walk to the Brazos River -- which came in handy with the temperature running at 100 degrees this year! Terry had also set up a water mister up in the trees to help keep you cool. The setting is great and the crowds are small and friendly -- kids are welcome. This is a BYOB and BYOChairs and you can't beat the price at $40 for the entire concert and $5 per person per day for camping. One vendor who serves burgers, BBQ sandwiches, turkey legs and more is onsite to keep you from starving or from having to cook and miss the music.

The music started on Thursday night and some of Thursdays entertainment included: Davin James, Don Burke, Rene Sims, Scott Copeland, Tom McElvain, Shermin Phillips, Andy Pate, and Gerald Sugg. We missed Thursday night but heard that Davin James was outstanding. On Friday the music started at 2:00 and included: Ronny Duwe, Scotty Shuffield, Big River, Texas Water, Randy Brown, Raz Trio, Fat Boys in the Round, and Ed Burleson was the headliner. Starting around noon on Saturday were Just Joan, The Banjo Babe, Max Attack, Coy Moore, Tucan Brothers, Sonny Burgess, Steve Fromholz, The Dust Devils, Nitzinger, Rusty Wier, and Terry Rasor and Over the Edge concluded around 1:30. Some of the highlights were the Tucan Brothers, Randy Brown, Terry Rasor, The Dust Devils, and good old music legend Rusty Wier.

Tucan BrothersRusty Wier, Terry Rasor, Ed BurlesonEd Burleson

Good music, small crowd, and a nice setting -- don't miss this one next year.

Click here to see some more pictures from Raz on the Braz

There is also plenty to keep you busy in Glen Rose before the music starts. You can read our Thank God for Weekends Trip to Glen Rose to find some other fun things to do in and around Glen Rose. There are also some good golf courses nearby -- see the Texas Outside Golfing section to learn more and to find a course. On the way home we played Tierra Verde in Arlington. Tres Rios River Resort is just down the road if you need a site with water and electricity. Bucks on the Brazos is a take-out location for tubing, so you might try renting a tube where highway 67 crosses the Brazos and float (slowly with some very shallow water due to the drought of 2206) down to the concert.